1.5 Million Dust Mites May be Living in Your Bed! Destroy Them by Doing This One Thing Only

1.5 Million Dust Mites May be Living in Your Bed! Destroy Them by Doing This One Thing Only
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There are two things that parents teach their children in their earliest childhood – to wash up when they wake up and to make their bed once they are done in the bathroom. After a while, this lesson becomes part of our daily activities that we perform almost automatically.

However, it turns out that this seemingly useful habit is actually bad.

Recent research shows that making the bed right after we wake up keeps thousands and even millions of dust mites inside the mattress, bed, and sheets.

For those who didn’t know, dust mites are very small, microscopic insects that can be found in our pillows, sheets, and bed.

One thing that makes these insects special is their ability to procreate very fast.

They are feeding, growing, and multiplying thanks to the energy they get from human sweat and dead skin cells.

In addition, dust mites are known for their fast excreting which sometimes reaches 20 times per day.

Dust Mites May Be Living In Your Bed

Numerous studies have confirmed that an average bed contains about 1.5 million dust mites. So, one of the biggest dangers related to human health is the excrement of dust mites because it comes with protein that triggers the increase of antibodies in our body whenever the protein is in contact with the skin or when it is inhaled.

We can expect some health issues whenever the amount of our antibodies raises and the system begins releasing histamine.

This compound results in redness and swelling typical for allergies. As a result of its activity, you might experience a few other symptoms like sneezing, hay fever, watery nose, watery eyes, red eyes, coughing, itching, and burning sensation and some people also experience breathing difficulties. People who are very sensitive to dust mites can also experience itchy, red skin bumps when they are exposed to large quantities of dust mites.

All these things mean that it is crucial to find out how to eliminate dust mites from your bedroom and stabilize and improve health.

So, what we want is a safe and efficient technique that can help us eliminate these dangerous insects. The good news is that the solution is easy – forget about making the bed when you wake up.

In case the bed is not prepared right after you wake up, the dust mites will be affected by the sunlight and air. In this way, they will dehydrate and eventually die.

So, it is highly recommended to leave your bed until the sun goes down because this practice supports the destruction of dust mites and helps you get fresher air. In addition, don’t forget to wash the pillowcases and sheets on a regular basis (once a week or once every two weeks). Now that you know how to stay safe in your bed, you can have a good night’s sleep or a nap during the day.

Via AARP | Healthy Food House

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