1-Ingredient Remedies to Make Your House Bug-Free Without Chemicals

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We all hate bugs, especially spiders. Definitely, you wouldn’t like to have these things crawl around in your house where you’re living.

However, instead of using harmful chemicals or firing those up, you can use these simple ingredients.

1. Use Cedar

Cedar is a natural spider and insect repellent. If you are setting up any patio or wooden stock outside your house apply cedar to it. It will also reduce the rotting of wood. You can also use it around your house to create a natural blockade to bugs. It can also be used in dressers, hangers, and cupboards.

2. Keep the yard Clean

You need to keep your yard clean as an unclean yard is a perfect breeding ground for insects, bugs, and spiders. Rake your yard on a regular basis to keep the insects away and also watch out for openings where bugs may get in your yard.

3. Use Citrus

Many insects don’t like citrus. So if you notice bugs in any part of your house rub the walls, baseboards, and windowsills with peels from lemon, orange, or limes.

4. Use Peppermint oil

Buy a bottle of peppermint oil and pour it into a spray bottle. Whenever you see a spider web, spray its surroundings carefully with peppermint oil. It will keep them off and the place would smell nice.

5. Keep your house clean

A clean house is a bugs-free house. Take care of dirt accumulating in corners and clean it. Also, check if any part of your house is damp or not. Get it fixed so that bugs can’t take shelter in these places.

6. Spray Vinegar

If you don’t have peppermint oil, use vinegar. Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it where you see spiders. Use it in places where you think bugs can be present.

Getting Rid of other Bugs

Normally, spiders will not come if there are no insects in your house. To keep away from these insects here are a few tips:

You can use clove, lemon, and orange juices to keep away insects. They also dislike garlic and pepper powder;If you are facing an ant’s infestation, use slices of cucumber to block their paths. Use pounded mint leaves to repel flies.

Via Bob Vila

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