10 Dramatic Shifts that Occur When You Detox

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Detoxification is the most convenient and most efficient solution for the millions of Americans who are dealing with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and the negative consequences of practicing SAD – the Standard American Diet.

Sadly, many people have accepted this lousy feeling and consider it to be a normal part of their lives. We simply cannot accept the fact that carrying extra pounds, feeling exhausted, experiencing achiness, low libido, and increased chances of developing some serious disease is something natural that comes with the aging process.

We are trying to share the truth and say that all these things are not normal regardless of your age and that following a well-thought-out plan of detoxification can get you in charge of your appetite, stop food craving, accelerate the metabolism, get rid of belly fat and cure the disease.

The Best Part is That the Results are Visible Only After Few Days

For many people, complete detoxification might look too radical, but many experts have confirmed that this is the only way to stabilize blood sugar levels, lower insulin spikes, cure inflammation, balance hormones, enhance digestion, and speed up metabolism. If your body is a computer, then detoxification is the reset button.

This is how The Blood Sugar Solution: 10-Day Detox Diet was created. This is a detailed and fast plan that can help any person drop 10 pounds and reset their system in ten days.

In order to get the most from this plan, you can use this excellent cookbook that contains simple and tasty recipes for the whole family and it is suitable for the three different stages of the diet plan.

This special diet is interesting, tasty and it can help you eliminate extra sugar without affecting your energy levels. It has the ability to locate and eliminate extra brain chemicals and hormones that lead to food and sugar cravings. So, instead of making your body store extra fat and slowing down your metabolism, you will accelerate the metabolism and start burning unwanted fat.

Who Should Try Detoxification?

First of all, you must be honest. If you believe that you are literally addicted to food or your diet and eating habits are ruining the quality of your life or maybe your eating habits are making you feel slow and lethargic, this is a clear sign that you should choose this detox.

In case you are dealing with diabesity – a form of diabetes that usually occurs in later life and is directly linked to obesity – or you are experiencing FLC (Feel Like Crap) syndrome and your body is toxic, detox can significantly improve your health and the overall quality of life. It is an excellent idea to write down and analyze your progress while you are detoxifying your body because you will see how helpful it is.

Remember that although you will lose weight, the main point is to experience the other health benefits of this detox. The following is a list of changes you can expect by practicing this detox diet plan:

#1. You will finally become free from the health enslaving food industry

Detoxification will assist you in your effort to get rid of food addiction that is encouraged by the food industry. They produce foods that make salt, sugar, and fat as addictive as drugs. This tasty source of processed and highly addictive food messes with your brain’s chemistry, the appearance of your waistline and belly, and your overall health. In addition, to these negative effects, many people have to deal with diabesity as a direct result of this practice.

Starting with so-called food rehabilitation is the first step towards better health. This is a radical change and many people will think that this is too much, but the fact is that with this change you will be able to get what is needed to drop weight, improve the biochemistry and eliminate food addiction for good.

#2. You will be full and happy

If you are like most people then you certainly know the feeling that people get when they eat processed and sugary products and feel full. However, this feeling lasts for a short period of time and after that, they feel hungry again and what is even more surprising people usually look for the same food that brought this feeling.

The first day of this diet plan will help you eliminate this feeling of continuous dissatisfaction. This plan includes high-quality fats, protein, and non-starchy veggies that don’t increase the levels of insulin or blood sugar. All these foods have the ability to detoxify the body, reset the metabolism, soothe the inflammation all over the body and make you feel full. There is no need to count calories because this is something that comes naturally.

Keep in mind that it is difficult to control how much you eat. However, it is much easier to control what exactly you eat. When you are trying to stabilize your weight and improve your health, the most important thing is to take care of the quality of the food you consume. Once you start eating the right combination of foods, you can eat as much as you want until you feel satisfied without worrying about the number of calories or the size of your meals. You will become satisfied and you won’t feel food cravings.

Processed and sugary foods lead to ups and downs in blood sugar levels. On the other hand, the protein, non-starchy veggies, seeds, good fats, and nuts from “The Blood Sugar Solution: 10-Day Detox Diet” result in a slow and gradual increase in blood sugar levels and keep you satisfied and focused for a long time.

#3. You will be viewed as a role model by the people close to you

Once you reverse diabesity and heal your chronic disease by following this detox plan you will be perceived as a great example by the people around you. This is something that will motivate your family, friends, colleagues, and other people to start making changes in their diet and lifestyle too. In addition, you will serve as a good example for the kids and adolescents who usually follow poor diets.

According to some stats, about 50% of Americans today have prediabetes or diabetes condition. The situation is even worse when it comes to teenagers. According to the same stats, about 25% of children have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Obese children are not only less attractive; they earn less money, suffer through their lives, and die much younger. The example you will present to the world will surely lower these devastating numbers. The changes start from the moment this one person becomes successful.

#4. You will save money

If you are like the vast majority of people, you probably believe that practicing a healthy diet is expensive. However, the truth is that processed foods that ruin our health are much more expensive. Just think about it. First of all this food makes us want to eat more. Secondly, we will definitely need to visit our doctor more frequently if we eat unhealthy food.

#5. You will rediscover the enthusiasm

The majority of people can’t see the big picture. We experience the FLC syndrome. It is very simple – in case you consume crap, you will most likely feel crappy. Once you start practicing this diet you will become more enthusiastic, vibrant, and reenergized.

You will soon find that good sleep, energy and a good mood are possible. In addition, you will improve your condition (or even eliminate the pain) in case you deal with psoriasis, joint pain, autoimmune disease, digestive issues, AANS and allergy problems, brain fog and memory problems, headaches, eczema, and acne. It is good to mention that even if you don’t have problems like extra weight, but you experience the symptoms of toxicity like achiness, lack of energy, and fatigue, this detailed plan can help you. We rarely think about the food we eat and how it affects our overall health.

#6. You will lose weight fast and safely

We know that this point is the one that will get the most attention. There are many people who are convinced that losing weight is all about calorie intake, eating less food, and increasing physical activity. Have you tried this? Were you successful? Not really, right? The fact is that the reality is much different than people’s beliefs.

According to modern science, flour and sugar calories are very different. To start with, sugar calories encourage overeating and addiction. Next, they support inflammation and insulin spikes which results in belly fat storage and food cravings. The fact is that sugar calories are much worse compared to whole food calories. Sugar leads to insulin spikes and encourages inflammation. This is something that can block any effort to lose weight.

#7. You will stop the food cravings

“The Blood Sugar Solution: 10-Day Detox Diet” suggests foods that can stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent cravings and overeating.

Flour and sugar lead to addiction. This is something that has been confirmed with numerous scientific studies. However, we still tend to say that fat people are lazy and it is their own fault that they are fat. If you are dealing with extra weight, you should know that it is not your fault. The food industry is just messing with your biology. This industry has influenced our brain chemistry, taste senses, metabolism, and hormones.

There is an interesting book by Michael Moss – Salt, Sugar, and Fat in which more than 250 insiders from the food industry claim that the food industry hires special craving experts to taste food and come up with products that can create addiction.

For many experts, DR Hyman. In addition, sugar is more addictive than cocaine (eight times more). So, if you rely on your willpower in order to lose weight, you will most likely fail. Complete detoxification will help you eliminate the addiction associated with flour, sugar, and over-processed foods.

#8. You will enjoy the time spent with your partner in the bedroom

This might be a surprise for many people. However, these specific hormones that affect your libido, healthy insulin, and toxicity balance are related to each other. Most of us believe that low libido and other signs and symptoms are something that occurs naturally with the aging process. Well, that’s not true. Taking pills and following treatments to solve the disorders are not something normal even when we are old. Poor choices like smoking and drinking too much, toxins, and increased stress can ruin this balance in the system.

Once you finish this 10-day detox diet you will get rid of all the toxins (including sugar) that lead to hormonal imbalance in the body and cause problems to the metabolism.

#9. You will rediscover your personality

When you are practicing this diet, you will have time to evaluate your beliefs and opinions and your lifestyle in general. At the end of each day, you will write down the results and compare your progress in your detoxification journal. Every night, you will write the things you’ve eaten and drank, how active you were, how many hours you’ve slept, and how much time you’ve spent relaxing. According to a recent study, people who track their progress are able to lose much more weight than those who don’t practice this routine. Creating reports can surely change your life.

The detoxification process can help you improve your mood and let you know that energy, good health, and proper weight are not impossible. Only a good diet and small changes in the lifestyle can save your health. When you find out how it feels to be fresh and free of joint pain, food cravings, brain fog, and extra weight, you will never follow your old lifestyle again.

#10. You make your food choices simpler

This 10-Day Detox Diet provides detailed answers about what you are supposed to eat and what you should avoid, so you will never have dilemmas about whether some food is suitable or not. This detailed plan divides foods into three basic categories – healthy fats, high-quality proteins, and non-starchy vegetables. Forget about all the calorie counting. With the help of this plan, you will get rid of sugar in all of its forms. You will also remove dairy, legumes, grains, and foods that contain gluten too. Don’t be worried, you will have many other foods to enjoy.

The best part of this plan is that all these foods can be mixed together in many ways, so you will not get bored with your diet. Eat chicken breast spiced with herbs and chopped salad dressed with olive oil. Have a tasty beef filet together with cauliflower or/and broccoli. The options are limitless.

Every meal will bring unique flavor and texture. Detoxification doesn’t have to be boring and you certainly don’t have to forget the good tastes, at least not if you are following this plan.

Via Dr.Hyman

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