10 Foods That Cleanse The Liver

10 Foods That Cleanse The Liver
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We have say thousands of detoxes available and there’s no denying that most of them are effective when it comes to detoxification. But there’s almost no attention or information on what we should consume after or how we can detect toxins and chemicals or avoid them.

The liver is one of the most important organs we have. It has to be fed properly to be able to press out the toxins. It is also important that no stressors are added during this process.

Here you will learn about 10 of my favorite foods and the reasons why. This Detox with Drew Challenge is going to help you learn how you can heal your gut while improving your overall health.

So what are the functions of the liver?

Produce Bile – bile is beneficial in helping take waste and breaking fat down in our small intestine.Producing proteins required for our blood plasma.Producing cholesterol and proteins which are required for carrying fats through our body.Regulating amino acids.Converting glucose into glycogen (required for energy).Converting ammonia into urea (ammonia could be poisonous).Processing hemoglobin (iron is stored in our liver).Eliminating toxins and drugs from our blood.Assisting with blood clotting regulation.Protecting against infections and helping remove bacteria from our blood.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of liver and its 10 functions, this is how you should help your liver.

Top 10 Foods for Liver

1. Garlic

Tried juiced garlic ever? You should try it, but with some care. A tiny amount is more than enough.

Garlic is capable of activating your liver enzymes which are helpful in flushing toxins out of your body. It is also amazing that it has high levels of selenium and allicin. These are 2 natural liver cleansers and immune boosters.

2. Beets & Carrots

Beets were used as aphrodisiac by the ancient Romans. Even science supports this point. Beets have high levels of boron, a substance which is linked directory to producing testosterone and estrogen hormones.

So how can beets and carrots assist our liver? Both of them have beta carotene, which is great for our liver.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a storehouse of vitamin C and antioxidants. They help in increasing the natural cleansing processes of your liver. Even a small glass filled with grapefruit’s juice is going to boost the production of detoxifying enzymes which can flush various toxins including carcinogens.

4. Green Tea

This is one of my favorites when it comes to the list of best liver loving beverages. It is loaded with antioxidants called catechins. It is a compound that supports the liver function. Besides its great taste, it also offers several health benefits.

5. Avocados

On moving to the Fitlife Ranch, I found that the property had so many wonderful plants including oranges, lemons, and mint and lots more. However, I found it later that it also had around 50 avocado trees.

The best thing is that I love avocados. They have tons of glutathione. There are very few things which are as good for our liver and detox.

6. Leafy Greens

You must have already judged that leafy greens would also be included in this list. I enjoy juiced greens daily and there’s no surprise that when they are juiced and taken raw, they can be amazing (even in cooked form).

Chlorophyll is wonderful and greens are the best gifts from nature for removing environmental toxins from our blood stream. Greens are also helpful in naturalizing heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals. They are cleansing foods and provide a strong protecting system for our liver.

Besides, we have various types of greens.

Valuable Tip: Make sure to keep rotating the greens. If you continue with the same greens for more than 4 days, your body will not absorb with the same capacity.

7. Apple

Apple contains a natural fiber called pectin. Whenever your body is pushing out toxins it requires some method to remove them out of the body. Apple has tons of vitamins and natural fiber that help in pressing these harmful things out, while allowing our body to heal.

The old adage – an apple a day…… – is true after all!

8. Limes & Lemons

Juice from 1/2 lemon taken in warm water when you wake up in the morning has been used as a practice for a long time. It is also a great way to wake up your liver.

Lemon’s sourness helps in triggering our nerve and hormone activation to our digestive system and liver.

It is also great for everyone who suffers from sluggish bowels. Lemon also helps with phase II detox.

9. Olive Oil

When you use olive oil, make sure it is only extra virgin cold pressed oil. You should also avoid cooking it on high heat – keep it under 275. Eventually, the oil’s quality will play a big factor.

Olive oil can help our body by offering a lipid base that sucks up harmful toxins. This way, it removes most of the burden off our liver which could be formed due to toxic overload, which many people suffer from.

10. Turmeric

Turmeric is an herb that helps with our skin and beauty. It is also beneficial in eliminating disorders in our cells. It is full of nutrients that assist our body in fighting against cell death. It also helps in maintaining the integrity of our internal body. It will be best to use fresh root for juicing. Turmeric is also wonderful against inflammation.

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