10 Foods You Should Eliminate From Your Diet RIGHT NOW!

10 Foods You Should Eliminate From Your Diet RIGHT NOW!
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We all know that junk and fast food is bad for our health and that we should avoid them. However, there are certain foods that can cause serious damage to our health. Of course, we can’t say that you will get ill or develop cancer if you consume them one, but they contain harmful ingredients that have a negative impact on the health if they are consumed for a while.

The ingredients that are most harmful are the additives that are commonly found in processed foods. Even though science has still not determined what the long-term effects of eating these foods are, it is the best idea to stay away from them especially when we know that there are dozens of different types of foods.

Foods You Should Eliminate From Your Diet

Now let’s check the list of foods you should eliminate from your diet at all costs.

1. Nitrites or nitrates-based processed meats

Avoid the deli counter.

Hot dogs, salami, bacon and ham are not harmful only because they contain a huge amount of fats.

In addition, they come with 4 times more sodium and 50% more preservatives compared to unprocessed red meats. Most of them are packed with nitrates and nitrites.

These chemical additives were linked to different types of cancer, but manufacturers still use them to improve taste, color and extend shelf life.

The good news is that you can easily identify these ingredients on the label.

2. American cheese

According to Beth Warren, a professional dietitian from New York, American cheese is not actually a type of cheese. This food only tastes like cheese and looks like cheese, but it’s made from milk solids, fats, emulsifiers, whey protein and special food colors. This cheese is packed with sodium and fat. The level of fat in this cheese is similar to the level of fat in high-fat meat.

3. Soda

We all know that soda is not good for the health. For those who don’t know – one can of soda comes with ten teaspoons of sugar. If you take so much sugar on a daily basis, the body starts producing more insulin in order to support body’s efforts to turn sugar into energy.

However, after some period of time, this unwanted bodily reaction leads to increased risk of occurrence of type 2 diabetes and even some types of cancer. In case this warning is not enough, you should also know that soda contains caramel coloring a substance that can increase the chances of developing cancer for more than 50%.

4. Margarine

Vegetable oils are the basic material used for margarine production. In addition, margarine comes with less saturated fat and cholesterol compared to butter. These are the reasons why many people believe that margarine is much healthier.

However, several studies have shown that dietary cholesterol is not that dangerous and margarine comes with high amounts of salt and trans fats which make this food dangerous. These ingredients found in margarine have the ability to boost blood cholesterol levels which ultimately means greater chances of developing heart disease.

It is good to point out that margarine that comes in tubs is better than margarine sticks (less trans fat), but using olive oil is the best idea.

5. Allegedly sugar-free candies

We can find sugar-free candies in most stores today. It is logical to think that they are healthy or at least safe but they are not. They contain artificial sweeteners. The stomach and the digestive system in general find it difficult to process artificial sweeteners.

6. Diet soda

This is another product that is free of sugar, but packed with artificial sweeteners which means that they are not really better than regular soda drinks. Keep in mind that not every type of artificial sweetener brings the same negative effects. But, generally speaking, the vast majority of them come with a very intense flavor.

In other words, if you consume them for a long time, you can expect your sense to become number and you want feel foods that are naturally sweet like most fruits in the same way.

7. Microwave Popcorn

We can’t deny the fact that microwave popcorn is convenient and tasty, but it turns out that these bags are linked with a dangerous chemical known as PFOS or perfluorooctance sulfonic acid. This chemical has negative impact on kidney functioning, fertility and it also increases the chances of developing cancer. In addition, certain types of microwave popcorn are rich in trans fat and they don’t put these ingredients on the label.

8. Crackers and 9. Bread based on potassium bromate

This harmful chemical is included because it supports the rise of the cracker dough and bread when the baking process starts. However, you should know that several studies have found a connection between this chemical and a few types of cancer. In many countries around the globe, this chemical is banned. Before buying crackers or bread check the label or ask the bakery whether they use potassium bromated in their products.

10. Apples grown in a standard way

It is true that a scientific study published not while ago has confirmed that products farmed in a traditional way have almost the same nutrient levels as those grown on organic farms, but they also come with something else – pesticides. These dangerous chemicals have been related to cancer, hormonal imbalance, lung, eye and skin issues and few other health problems.

What is even worse, these chemicals have the ability to penetrate deep in the fruits and vegetables that we eat, so washing them thoroughly and peeling them is usually not enough to protect yourself from their harmful effects. It is good to point out that every fruit and vegetables grown in this way is affected by pesticides, but apples suffer the most.

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