10 Natural Antibiotics Which Fight Infection and Which Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Want You to Know!

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The nature abounds in a limitless source of medicines that can treat many diseases in absolutely natural way without any negative effects. However, why do people use chemical medications and drugs when experiencing some health problem?

There is a famous saying by the great Hippocrates which says that the food can be your medicine and medicine can be your food.

This article will provide you ten natural antibiotics that will help you fight various infections. For unknown reasons, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want to reveal to the public.

1. Garlic

An everyday consumption of garlic at least of several gloves will help you fight all types of infection, viruses and bacteria. Some studies point out that garlic is able to fight even the severe AIDS, high blood pressure and diabetes. It will heal the effects of flu, cold and toothaches. It is suggested to use organic garlic; it is pretty affordable and healthier. You cannot provide the needed benefits, of you consume cooked garlic in some meal. In order to obtain the full antibiotic effects, crush the garlic and consume it raw in soups, salads or even in drinks.

2. Onions

A very similar vegetable to garlic in terms of its health benefits and effects. Onion helps in the reduction of inflammation and pain as well as treats colds and flu.

3. Horseradish

This potent plant gives the body great amounts of energy and protects the body from numerous possible diseases. Thanks to the strong antibiotics properties when resolved in the stomach improves the blood circulation and treats other conditions.

Also, horseradish is used for treating many different medical issues such as kidney stones, infections of the urinary tract and bronchitis. It is suggested to consume it in a raw state or in a combination with a little vinegar in order to obtain the best effects of it.

4. Grapefruit

The seed extract from grapefruit, known as GSE is used as important antimicrobial substance. These antimicrobial properties of grapefruit prevent the growth of various bacteria and fungi and are used for bathroom cleaning. Before you use some grapefruit for cleaning, dilute the extract. You have to adjust the amount of the extract before use.

5. Manuka Honey

This type of honey originates from New Zealand and as the other types is rich in peroxide, a substance that is loaded with antibiotic qualities. Other types of honey has the same properties; it is just that this country has made a better promotion of their honey than others. In relation to other types, Manuka honey has some additional antibiotic qualities that the other types do not contain such as the substance methylglyoxal. However, Manuka honey can be a little more expensive than the other types of honey. It can be found online or at Whole Foods with a price $50 for a bottle.

6. Vitamin C

Many types of fruits contain this vitamin such as pineapples, oranges, lemons and many other. So, any time you have a cold you drink lemon or orange juice because of its capability to boost the immune system. Vitamin C is especially beneficial for those having some skin issues because it repairs the skin as well as for prenatal health. You can provide the needed amount of vitamin C if you drink 100% organic orange juice or if you eat oranges, several days a week.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s the malic acid in apple cider vinegar that has very potent antibiotic qualities. It prevents and heals a sore throat as well as kills the bacteria that caused the medical issue.

8. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very important spice because it lowers the levels of blood sugar thus it is very beneficial for those who suffer from adult diabetes. Its antibiotic qualities successfully treat yeast infections. You can consume cinnamon in several ways, in food, tea, drinks, etc. One way is to simmer a Sri Lankan type of cinnamon bark in some pot of water and then pour it in a bottle. Place it in the fridge and consume it for several days. It is tasty, refreshing and beneficial.

9. Eucalyptus

This a powerful antiseptic herb that is highly beneficial for the skin. In terms of colds, it is usually used in teas or inhaled against coughs. Also, eucalyptus is used for fungal infections due to its anti-fungal qualities.

10. Ginger

This ingredient is present in almost every treatment of cold and flu. Its root is successfully treats nausea and some stomach ache, pain in the muscles and joints. Be careful if you are planning some pregnancy or you are expecting a baby because a great amount of ginger can lead to miscarriage.

Via Make Your Life Healthier

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