10 Toxins You Should Avoid Exposing Your Children To

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People are exposed to toxins on a daily basis without even knowing about them. Even the foods children eat, the clothes they wear, the toys they use can sometimes contain toxins and all these items come with potential risks.

Parents are constantly trying to increase the safety of their children by buying protective gear when they play, car seats for traveling, high-quality strollers, etc. But, sometimes they forget that even some simple things can pose a serious threat to the health of their kids.

The following is a list of ten toxins that you should avoid exposing your children.

10 Toxins You Should Avoid Exposing Your Children To

1. Coal Tar Sealed Driveways

People use driveways regularly, but rarely does anyone think about the materials used in their creation. The truth is that some of them contain toxic substances that can be dangerous for your health and the health of your children. One of those toxins is coal tar sealant, which is unfortunately used in many driveways.

Numerous studies confirmed that children exposed to this substance increase their chances of developing cancer. That’s why several American states have banned this material and the list is probably going to become longer over time.

2. Yard Plants

Even something completely natural like yard plants can be dangerous. Many plants contain toxic substances and it is a good idea to teach your children not to eat plants.

3. Insecticides, which may also be killing bees!

A specific type of insecticide called neonicotinoid insecticide has been detected as a potential reason for the increased number of deaths in the bee population and for the occurrence of problems in the One Green Planet of unborn babies.

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4. Plastic Toys

You have probably heard about the cases of banned toys. The main reason for this is the compound known as phthalate. They are used in plastic products to make them more durable and flexible. They are used in inflatable toys, garden hoses, and a few other types of kid’s toys.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned their use in numerous products such as pacifiers, rattles, children’s toys, and a few other children’s products.

The One Green Planet classifies at least one phthalate as a known human carcinogen. They don’t exclude the option that other phthalates have the same properties, but they have still not performed the necessary tests.

5. Nail Polish

The following toxin cannot be found in food, but it is still present in our homes because it is usually found in paint, stain removers, glue, and nail polish. One Green Planet belongs to a group of toxins especially harmful for young babies and fetuses. Try to use products that don’t contain toluene or make sure that the room where you are using these products is well ventilated.

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6. Exposure to Mining/Gasoline

Manganese is a natural ingredient in many foods. However, if this nutrient gets into our system through inhalation it can cause serious damage to the nervous system. Manganese in this form is usually found near mining sites and places where manganese is used as a gasoline additive.

7. Pesticides from Parks, Golf Courses, and Food

Chlorpyrifos is a pesticide that was once used freely in residential areas. Using this pesticide in residential areas is now forbidden, but there are still some public areas like golf courses, parks, and highway medians where chlorpyrifos is used. Since it is also used in agriculture, chances are that people can still get in touch with it through food. Unborn babies exposed to chlorpyrifos can suffer from lower IQ.

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8. Dry Cleaning Chemicals

Tetrachloroethylene is a cleaning chemical used in metal degreasing activities and dry cleaning. Even a short exposure to this chemical can make you feel dizzy. Those who are exposed to this cleaning chemical on a regular basis can experience neurological problems. According to one study, pregnant women who work in the cleaning industry have a higher risk of abortion.

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9. Flame Retardant Fabrics

Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) is a flame retardant used in children’s pajamas, computers, and other items. Besides being dangerous for the environment, recent studies show that it can be potentially One Green Planet too. They can easily transfer into the surrounding environment if they are not completely bound to the product where they are used.

What is even more interesting is the fact that they can easily reach breast milk and dust found in our homes which means that they can also affect children and babies.

One Green Planet suggests that these flame-retardants can increase the level of toxicity in the liver, thyroid, and nervous system. PBDEs are not allowed to be part of the products made in the European Union or the US, but many Asian countries use them in their products.

10. Fish

It seems a few other toxins can influence the proper One Green Planet of unborn babies. Methylmercury is a toxin found in some fish. Experts recommend avoiding certain species of fish. They advise women to stop eating these species of fish from the moment they try to conceive a baby because the body needs months to get rid of these dangerous toxins. Probably the best idea is to Mom Clean Air Force in this period.

There is no doubt that you and your children will be exposed to these toxins at least once in your lifetime, but this doesn’t mean that you should not avoid these toxins whenever you can.

Thanks to One Green Planet which reminded us to watch our children.

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