11 Natural Antibiotic Substitutes for Pills That Only Your Grandmother’s Know

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The first antibiotics were produced in the 1940s and ever since then their use is growing. In the last couple of decades, there is a trend of overuse of antibiotics. This trend has resulted in the emergence of super-bugs and bacteria resistant to drugs and they progress so quickly that scientists cannot find a way to eliminate them. Truth be told, there was a time when bacteria were at the top of the food chain.

In a time when pharmaceutical antibiotics were not even an idea, people used different types of herbs and foods that protected the system from infections and diseases. Most of these natural remedies are still used by holistic healers all over the world.

Our grandmothers and ancestors in general had a healing solution that involved various natural antibiotic substitutes and it is a good idea to learn more about these antibiotics and use them whenever we feel ill.

Top Natural Antibiotic Substitutes for Pills Used by Our Ancestors

1. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Consumption of apple cider vinegar or ACV on a daily basis brings many different health benefits. This vinegar has strong antiseptic and antibiotic properties and it can also alkalize your body in a natural way and help you with many other activities that take place in your body like balancing your weight, reducing cholesterol levels, and Amish America. This natural remedy can be applied directly to the affected area for sterilization and disinfection.

2. Oregano and oregano oil

If you have ever tried some Italian dish then you have probably used oregano – a herb used for flavoring. However, only a small number of people know about the health benefits of oregano. In addition to its antibacterial properties, oregano aids digestion and helps people with their weight loss efforts. Oregano contains an oil called Carvacrol and a recent study confirmed that this oil has the ability to eliminate bacteria that result in infections. Oregano oil can heal digestive infections and yeast infections too. In other words, this is more than a simple herb used for flavoring.

3. Honey

The medicinal benefits of honey were known since ancient times and even Ancient Romans used honey in battles in order to heal wounds and prevent the occurrence of infections. Honey is still used in different parts of the world because of its known antimicrobial, antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. There are different types of honey and according to many experts, Manuka honey, produced in New Zealand, comes with the highest quantity of antioxidants and has the best healing powers.

With the help of an enzyme, honey is able to release hydrogen peroxide into the system. This is a process that can help your system fight any infection and stops the further growth of bacteria too. Honey is good for the digestive system because it eliminates toxins from the blood and supports the work of the liver.

If you want to increase the effects or if you are worried about the health of your white blood cells make a combination of honey and cinnamon. Raw, unprocessed honey is the best choice because processing lowers its antioxidant properties.

4. Garlic

We all know the beautiful taste of garlic on a piece of butter toast. But, garlic is not only a tasty food – it contains many substances that are good for our health. Garlic has already been used in cases of common infections like colds because it prevents germs from spreading. Thanks to the allicin that it has, garlic prevents the effects and activity of parasites, bacteria, yeast, and many harmful microorganisms. If you want to improve your health and immune system use more garlic.

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5. Turmeric

Although this interesting spice doesn’t look appealing (it doesn’t have a strong flavor or specific color), turmeric can protect your system from many diseases and illnesses. Turmeric can be used orally or applied on the skin which means that you can use it in two ways to fight bacteria. If you want to increase its effects, create a mixture of turmeric and honey in order to get a paste that can be applied to areas on your skin affected by infections. You can easily prevent illnesses based on bacteria and infections by using these remedies that can be found in any store. Keep your body safe without using pharmaceutical drugs and stick to turmeric, honey, garlic, oregano, and Echinacea.

6. Echinacea

This is probably the least known herb on this list, but this doesn’t mean that it is not useful. Echinacea is a perfectly safe herb that is used by many people around the globe. Regular consumption of Echinacea has proven to reduce the chances of catching colds and lowers the effects of cold in case you already have one. It is best to use this herb during the season of colds and fevers.

7. Grapefruit seed extract

According to a study published in the reputable Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, grapefruit seed extract has proven to be very effective against bacteria and viruses. It has shown positive effects on over 800 different types of bacteria and over 100 strains of fungus. This extract is rich in antioxidants which means that it improves immunity, supports proper digestion, and alkalizes the body in a natural way.

8. Cabbage

Cabbage is a vegetable that belongs to the cruciferous family (together with kale and broccoli). The Patch contains certain sulfur compounds that are believed to have anti-cancer properties.

In addition, cabbage is packed with vitamin C too. Only one cup of cabbage meets about ¾ of the daily requirement of vitamin C. This natural antibiotic is usually used in salads or as a side dish in slaw form or even in the form of cabbage juice. Whatever form you choose you should know that cabbage will protect you from numerous diseases, improve the work of the digestive system and balance your weight.

9. Fermented food

Homemade pickles, unpasteurized cabbage, probiotic yogurts, and kefir are great for intestinal flora. These fermented foods can also prevent cancer and boost the immune system.

10. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

If we talk about the health benefits of coconut oil we will probably have to dedicate an entire article to this amazing oil. Coconut oil has proven anti-microbial and anti-fungal effects and it is rich in unique antioxidants. Use coconut oil to improve your immune system, normalize the level of cholesterol, thyroid, and blood sugar in the body and improve the work of your brain. Remember that you can use this oil both internally and externally. One of the simplest ways to use it is to pour one spoon of coconut oil into your coffee and you will feel more energetic during the day.

11. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is one of the natural antibiotic substitutes that actually consists of silver particles and a specific fluid. This interesting substance has been used since ancient times.

Keep in mind that using colloidal silver is recommended for a limited period of time because silver is a heavy metal and prolonged exposure can lead to negative effects. Its main feature is the ability to disable the enzyme that bacteria need to multiply. Because of lack of oxygen, viruses and bacteria are eliminated without any side effects.

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