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11 Surprising Health And Household Uses

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Being sick is one of the most annoying experiences people can get. This is the reason why most people keep their drawers packed with pharmaceutical drugs. In the recent period many of them also prepare natural remedies for different ailments. Of course, natural remedies are often used in cases of milder health issues like common cold.

When common cold kicks in, many people try a myriad of remedies – gargling with apple cider vinegar, drinking lemonades, herbal teas etc. The use of VapoRub is a must for many people who face cold. They use this product directly on their throat and chest to ease the symptoms of cold. However, it turns out that this remedy can be used in many other ways and for different reasons.
VapoRub is a great remedy for different health problems, but it has proven to be useful against bugs, stretch marks, pet pee and other things. You probably didn’t know anything about this, right? That’s why we have prepared a long list of benefits of using VapoRub.

Why VapoRub?

We have all used this product, but only a small number of people know that VapoRub contains. Menthol, eucalyptus oil, nutmeg oil and cedar leaf oil are the main ingredients of this product and as you can see they are well-known for their medicinal properties.

Each of these ingredients has the ability to combat different health problems. In addition, VapoRub provides a very specific scent that can be helpful in other situations that have nothing to do with our health.

1. Combat Migraines and Headaches

Rub some VapoRub directly on the forehead and temples.

In order to ease and get rid of migraines and headaches, you can use VapoRub by smearing a small quantity of this product on your forehead. The scent of menthol will ease the stress and pressure accumulated in the head and leads to fast pain relief.

2. Get Rid of Colds

Rub some VapoRub on the feet and put your sock on. Even though there are many people who are skeptical, there are huge number of mothers who claim that this technique is useful. They rub VapoRub on their kid’s feet before bedtime to combat common cold and flu signs and symptoms.

Although there is no scientific evidence about this, one thing is for sure, the number of VapoRub enthusiasts is growing and they say that this remedy does wonders when it is used on the feet. This unconventional approach requires the use of sock over treated feet before bedtime.

3. Prevent Pet Urination

Open a bottle/tube of VapoRub and place it in the area of your home where your dog or cat likes to urinate.

Dogs and cats can’t stand the scent of VapoRub and they will always avoid an open bottle. As a matter of fact, according to some sources, veterinarians advise pet owners to train their pets to stay away from specific areas of the home with the help of VapoRub. For instance, in case you want to prevent your dog from entering your bedroom, open one or two jars of this remedy and leave them at the room’s entrance.

Keep in mind that VapoRub can lead to side effects in some animals, so consult a veterinarian before using this remedy.

4. Treat Stretch Marks

Use VapoRub directly on the stretch marks. This definitely looks odd, but many individuals claim that this technique can shrink and heal stretch marks. The natural oils and menthol found in it speed up this process.

In the beginning, VapoRub rubbing can make the shades of stretch marks more even and over some period of time, these marks will be completely gone.

5. Protect Yourself from Insects

Rub some VapoRub on the neck, on the ears, leg joints and arms. Instead of using some potentially harmful spray on the body, you should rely on VapoRuv. Dab some of it on the areas where insects usually occur. Feel free to open jars of VapoRub by Vicks on the tables while you are outdoors. This is the best environmental friendly bug repellent.

6. Ease Muscle Pain

Rub some VapoRub on the sore muscles. The calming effects of menthol found in this remedy were known for many centuries. They are especially good for muscle aches and sore muscles.

VapoRub eases sore in overused muscles. It also boost blood flow and delivers quick relief.

7. Get Rid of Acne

Rub some VapoRub on the acne. Many people believe that VapoRub can efficiently combat different kinds of acne like cystic acne. There are many situations in which VapoRub is a true lifesaver.

Simply use some of it directly on the acne before bedtime and when you get out of bed the acne should be gone. You can use this product to treat blemishes and red spots too.

8. Prevent and Eliminate Toenail Fungus

Rub some VapoRub on the infected toenails. People know how embarrassing it is to walk barefoot in public or to use a open sandals or flip flops when you have toenail fungus.

The good news is that VapoRub can quickly destroy fungus and get rid of any discoloration in this area. Apply VapoRub in the problematic area and on the nail bed that surrounds this area. Leave the feet uncovered for a while.

9. Prevent Cat Scratching

Rub some VapoRub on surfaces in your home that are targeted by cats. There are many cats that love scratching and if you have a cat like this you can use VapoRub to prevent this habit. They will start to avoid the areas covered with VapoRub and they might actually break this habit over some period of time.

You can use it on your body to prevent cat scratching too. Once again, talk to a veterinarian before using this remedy because some cats may be allergic to VapoRub.

10. Eliminate Earaches

Rub some VapoRub on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball in the ear. Earaches are very annoying and persistent, but these aches can be eliminated with the help of VapoRub.

If you have moderate earaches, take a small quantity of VapoRub and dip a cotton ball in it. Place this ball in the ear and keep it for a few hours. Perform this procedure at least three times a day. In this way, you will ease the pain, but don’t expect to eliminate infections only with VapoRub.

11.Remove a Tick

Rub some VapoRub directly on the tick. If you notice a tick on your body, you need to be careful and remove it in one piece. The good news is that ticks really hate Vicks VapoRub.

report this adIn case you are bitten by this small insect, use VapoRub right away. The specific scent will make the insect get out. Obviously, a tick bite as well as Lyme disease is a very serious health issue. If you notice any of the signs, consult a doctor.

There is no doubt that most of these alternative uses of VapoRub will shock many people, but it won’t cost you anything to try some of them.

As we have already mentioned, talk to a healthcare professional before using VapoRub in any situation.

Via Little Things

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