13 Period Hacks To Ease The Pain & Keep You Healthy

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Modern women have about 450 periods during their lifetime. Even though experiencing a period in the beginning can be a daunting task and something that women remember for their entire life, this doesn’t mean that they get used to this after a while.

Women always tend to be cranky and experience pains and aches and mood swings when periods start. But, this doesn’t mean that they should not try to relieve this period of the month. The good news is that there are many blog posts, articles and other online sources that can help women understand how their reproductive system works and how to ease this natural occurrence.

What is interesting is that some very simple practices can make huge difference when you are having a period. Most of the natural remedies and practices that ease the pain and keep your body healthy can be found in your household and even you don’t have them, you can buy these things everywhere and they are not costly.

Period Hacks To Ease The Pain

In order to ease the discomfort it is crucial to learn to recognize the signals that your body is emitting. For instance, in case you feel tired, you should definitely cancel the night out and watch movies at home. On the other hand, if you feel “normal” you should definitely go for a walk in the park. Take some time and take good care of yourself because this can be a very difficult period of the month! – Here are the best 13 period hacks to ease the pain and keep you healthy.

1. Buy A Special Hot Water Bottle

Many women are unaware of the fact that some small things can help them when their period kicks in. By using heat on your abdominal area, you will be able to support better blood circulation which eventually leads to elimination of cramps. According to some studies, this practice provides similar results as painkillers for about 60 minutes. Scientists from the University College London have confirmed that by keeping a hot water bottle on your belly, women can prevent the transmission of pain messages to the brain.

2. Consume Some Dark Chocolate

Now here’s an advice that most women will follow. Women lose a lot of magnesium during their periods. However, if you eat dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cacao you will be able to normalize the levels of magnesium in the system. On the other hand, you should avoid candy bars because they have large amounts of sugar and a lot of caffeine. If you really want to eat some bar, find a bar with natural ingredients or make a bar in your home (don’t forget to include cacao).

3. Achieve multiple “peaks” in the bed

It is a well-known fact that bed activities can ease headaches, migraines and pain caused by periods. When you reach the natural peak in this process, the uterus experiences contractions. Once this excitement is finished the blood circulation is increased and the brain gets some natural chemicals that provide instant pain relief. According to Judith Golden, an expert in this field, women who practice self-satisfying themselves in bed when they have a period have fewer cramps and their mood is improved too.

4. Increase water intake

Try to drink as much water as you can. It is not very difficult to experience dehydration symptoms during this period of the month because periods drain the fluids from your body and water can help you avoid some period symptoms like fatigue and bloating. Stay away from energy drinks packed with sugar because they will do more harm than good. Keep your body hydrated because in this way you will support digestion.

5. Practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Moderate physical activity and exercise can be very useful in elimination of premenstrual symptoms including energy loss and cramping. Many women have experienced positive effects by doing vinyasa flow yoga before the period finally arrives. This type of yoga helps women increase mobility. The best part is that you can modify the exercises in case some of them are causing you discomfort. Feel free to ask the instructor for adequate changes before the yoga class starts.

6. Increase Vitamin E Intake

A scientific study published in the reputed British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has shown that women who have used vitamin E supplements two times a day during this period of the month for four months in a row claimed that the pain intensity they experience is much lower than before. As a matter of fact, they were able to stay away from some OTC medications and felt more energetic. So, buy some vitamin E supplements and consume more foods rich in vitamin E before your period comes.

7. Follow the Cycle

Don’t forget that we live in a digital age, so take advantage of this fact – download some apps and programs that can help you learn more about your cycle. For instance, an app called Kindara produce monthly charts and keep logs of your previous periods, so you can check when the next cycle will come and end.

8. Increase Calcium Intake

In case you take about 1200 mg of calcium each day during your period, you will probably be able to ease or eliminate 50% of your period symptoms. Some of these symptoms include – cramping and moodiness. The simplest way to increase the level of calcium in your body is to take completely natural supplements rich in calcium right when your PMS start. Don’t wait for the period to begin. Remember that calcium also supports the health of your bones and lowers the chances of developing osteoporosis.

9. Avoid Waxing

The area around our reproductive system is much more delicate during your period, so why risk additional pain and discomfort? It is the best idea to cancel your wax appointment even if this appointment is a few days before your period comes. Don’t worry your esthetician will get it. On top of that, they don’t really enjoy working with clients with tampons down there.

10. Put Some Lavender in Your Home

A scientific research has confirmed that pouring just a few drops of essential lavender oil on the pillow before bedtime can help people sleep tight. So, when you are not in a good mood you can count on lavender oil. In case you can’t find lavender oil, use incense or candles based on lavender. They produce relaxing and comforting scent that will make you focus on other things instead of focusing on the discomfort and pain.

11. Stay Away From Caffeine

This advice may be difficult to follow, but coffee isn’t very helpful when it comes to menstrual cycles. As a matter of fact, caffeine can make these symptoms more intense and on top of that, this ingredient can increase estrogen levels. Those who enjoy coffee on a daily basis and can’t live without coffee should limit the intake to half a cup or drink chai tea.

12. Consume Less Salt

If you use high amounts of salt in your meals, you risk increased water retention and ultimately – bloating. So, try to consume foods that are not very salty and don’t add salt to your meals. French fries are tasty, but full of salt. So eat unsalted almonds if you want a healthy snack. Don’t forget to use less salt in your recipes.

13. Sleep Better and More

Calculate the time you have to get up and prepare yourself for work and sleep as much as you can. Your sleep cycle is affected by the period. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 3 out of 10 women has experienced lack of sleep during this period of the month. This is another reason why most women are cranky during their periods. In order to improve your sleep, use an eye mask, avoid staying late at night and of course – avoid coffee and alcohol.

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