15 Quick Tips to Get Rid of Belly Fat Forever

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Many people have difficulty in removing belly fat.

To address this problem, we offer 15 easy tips with excellent result in combating belly fat.

Battle With Belly Fat.

1. Start your day by eating raw garlic. Chew a piece of garlic every morning on an empty stomach. After that, drink a glass of water with lemon. This combination eliminates belly fat, regulate weight and equalizes blood circulation.

2. Drink lemon water. As I said before, after garlic, squeeze one lemon in a glass of warm water and add a pinch of salt. This will speed up your metabolism and clean toxins out of the body. Sassy water is a great combination to cut the fat around the stomach.

3. Replace some groceries in your diet. Replace the various wheat products like white rice and sugar with whole-grain bread, whole grains, oats, brown rice or brown sugar.

4. Avoid sweet cakes, fatty foods and soft beverages. That kind of food builds up the abdominal fat. It will raise the cholesterol level also.

5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking water speeds up your metabolism and keeps toxins out of the body.

6. Give priority to raw vegan food. Avoid non-vegan food as much as possible.

7. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They are a huge source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

8. Spice your food. The use of various spices, such as cinnamon, ginger and pepper in cooking have great health benefits. They reduces the blood sugar level and improve insulin resistance.

9. Omega 3 fatty acids. One tablespoon Chia Seeds in your daily diet will help you get rid of belly fat. This is especially important if you are vegan and you do not consume fish. This seed is rich in omega 3 acids, which gives a feeling of satiety. It is a source of calcium, iron, dietary fiber and antioxidants.

10. Drink four cups of green tea a day. Green tea is a great fat burner. It is a natural phenol antioxidant, which speeds up the metabolism. With its regular consumption, you can lose up to 13 pounds (6 kg) within eight weeks.

11. Coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is composed mainly of medium-chain triglycerides. It gives a feeling of fullness and satiety and automatically reduces the calorie intake.

12. Dandelion Tea. A natural diuretic that increases the flow of urine. It helps in releasing of fluids and accumulated toxins out of your body. It reduces your belly fat also.

13. Avoid alcohol. The alcohol beverages are full of sugar and sugar turns into fat.

14. Regular sleep is very important for your belly fat. Recent study published in US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health proved that the lack of sleep is a direct cause of releasing large amounts of cortisol – a stress hormone, which increases your appetite and creates deep abdominal belly fat. So, sleeping naked is very good tip 🙂

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15. Exercise is essential for losing belly fat. Healthy eating is not enough if not combined with good training.

Do whole body workouts! – Exercise all muscles.Do cardiovascular exercises! – Jogging, hiking, running, cycling etc. increases the burning calorie process.Do Strength training! – It gives impressive looks of your muscles and helps you get rid of belly fat.

Don’t ask How to Lose Weight and Not Fall in Love With Yourself. By applying these 15 tips, you will naturally reduce excessive weight and remove the belly fat. It is worth to try!

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