17 Food Combinations We Consume that Ayurveda Says We Should Avoid for Better Health

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According to an ancient Ayurvedic text incompatible foods are two or more foods when combined are not suitable and healthy for your body.

This is because they make a negative reaction in the body, generate additional water, lead to many skin conditions, lead to heart disease, cause indigestion and block the channels of the body.

Ayurveda claims that each food has its own special taste, a heating and cooling energy and a post-digestive effect.

When some foods with different taste, energy and post-digestive effects are combined, the digestive fire can be overloaded and can produce toxins in the system.

Which are the incompatible types of foods:

1. Milk shouldn’t be combined with fish because of its cool potency in relation to the hot potency of fish. This potency impairs the blood, causing obstruction of the channels in the body.
2. Chicken shouldn’t be eaten with sprouted grains, sesame or milk because it can cause digestive problems.
3. Milk and salt shouldn’t be combined altogether due to their antagonistic qualities.
4. Milk and melon shouldn’t be eaten together because the milk has a laxative while the melon a diuretic effect. This combination will lead to great acidity and sour stomach.
5. Banana mustn’t be eaten with yogurt, milk or buttermilk because this combination can reduce the digestion process, produce toxins and cause allergies, coughs and colds.
6. Cold and iced drinks should be avoided after a meal because the cold decreases the digestive fire leading to many digestive problems, colds and allergies.

7. Honey and ghee mustn’t be mixed in equal portions due to their opposite reactions. Honey heats, dries while ghee cools and moisturizes.
8. Sour and sweet fruits must not be combined. Eat them in different meals as individual fruits.
9. Sour fruits shouldn’t be eaten with milk.
10. Don’t eat cooked and raw food altogether. Eat the salad first and then the dinner after a short pause.
11. Starches mustn’t be combined with milk, dates, bananas, persimmons and eggs.
12. Radishes are incompatible with raisins, bananas and milk.

13. Chilly, tomato, eggplant and potato shouldn’t be combined with cucumber, milk, melon and yogurt.
14. Eggs are incompatible with meat, milk, yogurt, cheese, bananas, melons and fish.
15. Mangoes shouldn’t be eaten with cucumbers, cheese and yogurt.
16. Corn mustn’t be eaten bananas, raisins and dates.
17. Lemon is incompatible with tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt and milk.

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