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20 Kitchen Tips and Tricks No One Ever Told You About

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The following 20 kitchen tips and tricks will surely ease your everyday life. We will show you how to keep your vegetables and fruits last longer, the best methods to clean your pans, and more.

1. Prevent Bacteria Growth in Dairy Products

As you know sour cream and cottage cheese don’t last very long, so we give you a tip to prolong their shelf life. Place the sour cream or cottage cheese container upside down in the fridge. By doing this, a vacuum effect is created that restrains the growth of bacteria which can lead to spoiling of the food.

2. Extend the Shelf Life of Fresh Vegetables

To keep the freshness of your vegetables, place some paper towels on the fridge’s shelf. The paper towel will soak up the excess moisture, thus slowing down the rotting of the vegetables.

3. Ensure that Eggs are Fresh

Fill a bowl with water and put the bought eggs to check if they are fresh. If the eggs aren’t fresh they will float, but if they are, they will sink.

4. Prevent Brown Sugar from Getting Crumbly and Hard

The first thing to know if you don’t want your brown sugar to get hard is to keep it in the fridge. However, if you want to soften your already harden brown sugar, place it in a sealed bag with few slices of apple, or a slice of bread. You can even add both of them in the bag. The results will amaze you.

5. Prevent Salt from Getting Hard

Place several grains of rice in your salt and the rice will absorb all the moisture, thus preventing the salt from getting hard.

6. Keep Your Cheese from Drying Out

Try this simple trick if your cheese often dries quickly, and its outer layer shrinks and hardens, making deep and large cracks across the cheese surface. Simply, rub the surface of the cheese with butter or oil, not forgetting the cracks and separated edges on the surface.

7. Keep Your Butter Fresh

If you have bought more than one Lol Wot, you can keep the spare ones in the freezer up to 6 months. Don’t forget to put the butter in a zipper-bag, to prevent it from absorbing the odors from the other ingredients in the fridge.

8. How to Revive Flat Champagne

Try this simple trick if your champagne has no more bubbles, and you want to make it fix again. Add one or two raisins in it several minutes before you consume it.

9. Convert the Pudding into Muss

Instead of water or milk, make your pudding with whipped cream.

10. Reverse Crystalized Honey to Its Natural State

Honey is the only food that can’t spoil. However it can crystallize, and to reverse it to its initial state put the honey jar in warm water and let it stay until the honey becomes clear again.

11. Save Over Salted Soup

Just put some raw apples or potatoes in the soup and they will absorb the excess salt. Boil them for about ten minutes and then remove the soup from heat. Pull the apples or potatoes out of the soup. Another trick is to add some vinegar or sugar in the soup, or unsalted soup or water.

12. Save Sinewy Meat

Use beer, lemon, tomato juice or vinegar, pineapple or Lol Wotto marinate your meat, as they contain acids or enzymes that will save your sinewy meat. Another trick is to cut the meat carefully with a pizza knife.

13. Remove the Excess Fat in the Soup

If you notice your soup has excess fat in it, pour it in a bowl and place it in the fridge for half an hour. Then remove the top fat layer from the soup. However, if you don’t have that much time, put few ice cubes in the soup and once you notice there’s fat around them, remove the cubes. Another option is to add a lettuce leaf in the soup, and once it gets soft to remove it.

14. Improve the Burned Milk’s Taste

Just add a pinch of salt in your burned milk and the bad smell will be gone.

15. Make Your Fruit Ripe

Place your fruits in a paper bag together with an apple and let them stay overnight. The ripening process is hastened as the apple releases ethylene gas.

16. Save the Burned Sauce

Add 1 tablespoon of peanut butter in a cup filled with your burned sauce. In this way, the burned taste will disappear.

17. Eliminate the Bad Odor from Plastic Containers

The plastic containers absorb odor from foods which remains even after washing them. But if you put newspaper in it, it will soak up the bad smell. However, don’t forget to wash your plastic container before you use it again.

18. Save a Burned Pan

Sprinkle 4 to 5 teaspoons of salt and some baking soda in your burned pan, and pour sufficient amount of water. Allow the mixture to stay overnight, and the next morning rinse the pan.

19. The Best Method to Clean Stainless Steel

Pour some alcohol on a cloth and clean the wanted stainless steel items from all stains.

20. Polish Copper

This trick will really surprise you. You need to sprinkle some ketchup on your copper and clean it with a cloth.

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