20 Surprising Uses for Aluminum Foil You’ve Never Thought of

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Aluminum foil is part of every modern household. People find this foil perfect for storing food in the fridge. But, what most of us don’t realize is the fact that there are many other uses for aluminum foil. This is certainly one of the most useful items in your household.

Now let’s see some interesting uses for aluminum foil.

Uses for Aluminum Foil

1. Speed up the ironing process. Ironing is certainly an activity that very few people like. With the help of aluminum foil you can accelerate this process. Put some foil under the board’s cover and start ironing. The foil keeps the heat and you won’t have to iron clothes from each side. One side will be enough.

2. Move furniture around your home with minimal effort. Do you want to rearrange your furniture, but the furniture is too heavy? Simply put aluminum foil on the legs with its dull side down and you will be able to glide the furniture wherever you want.

3. Frost a cake. People usually use pastry bags in case they want to frost a cake. But, instead of spending money on these bags you can use aluminum foil. Create a cone from the foil and don’t forget to keep a small opening at the bottom of the cone. Fold the top of the cone to prevent leaks.

4. Make your brown sugar softer. Using a microwave oven is still a controversial topic and since this is the usual way in which people soften brown sugar it is good to find an alternative. So, heat your oven until it reaches 300 degrees. Place a baking sheet and foil and put the brown sugar on top of it. Bake it for about five minutes and the sugar will be softer than ever.

5. Keep the warmth of your bread. We all know how tasty warm bread is, but after few minutes the bread gets colder. If you use a basket lined with aluminum foil and you use napkins to wrap the bread, the warmth will be kept for hours. But check this out before you buy a bread.

6. Increase the durability of your steel wool. We all know how expensive steel wool is and that’s why it is a good idea to protect it and make it last as long as possible. Create a ball of foil and store the steel wool on top of it. Another way to increase the durability is to wrap the wool in a aluminum foil and keep it in the fridge.

7. Improve the appearance of your metals. Cover a bowl or a pan with foil, pour some cold water and add 2 teaspoons of salt. Put some of the metal items that are affected by rust in the bowl/pan and leave them like that for about 3 minutes. After that, rinse the water and wait until the items are dry. In the end, they will get back their shine. When we talk about salt, the Himalayan salt is great to get rid of migraine headaches.

8. Grill cleaner. Don’t forget to put foil at the bottom of the grill in order to speed up the cleaning process once the grilling is over.

9. Make your scissors sharper than ever. Scissors tend to become dull after a while. Instead of buying new ones, cut through few sheets of aluminum foil. They will instantly become sharper.

10. Clean pots and pans. Did you know that aluminum foil is equally effective as a scrub pad? Crumple a handful of aluminum foil, create a ball and use it for scrubbing. Your pans and pots will be perfectly clean.


11. Protect your oven from drips. If you are preparing casserole or some similar food that can usually result in drips falling off at the bottom of your oven, place some aluminum foil over the rack (don’t place the foil on the bottom because it can result in fire).

12. Keep your jewelry clean. Cover a small bowl with foil and pour hot water and one tablespoon of laundry detergent (without bleaches) in it. Place your jewelry in the bowl and leave it for 60 seconds. Rinse it and let it dry.

13. Fill the gap in the battery compartment. If your batteries are loosen then you can fold a small piece of aluminum foil and place it in the gab in the battery compartment.

14. Keep your iron clean. In case of accumulation of starch on the iron, use a hot iron over aluminum foil and the starch will be removed.

15. Keep the tree trunks protected over the winter. Wrap the tree trunks with a layer of aluminum foil during the winter to keep it protected from rodents, rabbits and insects.

16. Increase the effects of your lighting. By placing an aluminum foil behind the electrical lighting in your yard you will increase its effects.

17. Protect your sleeping bag from moisture. You can also place aluminum foil under the sleeping bag to keep moisture away.

18. Protect matches from moisture. If you wrap kitchen matches in foil you will protect them from moisture. This is good solution for camping during a rainy season.

19. Use it as fishing bait. Wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around the fishhook and increase the chances of catching fish.

20. Protect your paint brush. In case you didn’t finish your painting job in one day, you will have to clean your brush thoroughly. Of course, if you use an aluminum foil you can void this procedure. Simply extract the extra paint and wrap the paintbrush in an aluminum foil. The brush will be prepared for immediate use.

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