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3 Simple Ways to Reduce Stubborn Arm Fat

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Getting rid of extra weight has proven to be a very difficult task. There are situations in which people start losing weight, but this progress is not visible in all body parts. Certain areas are very stubborn and the situation remains the same there.

This is especially true when it comes to arms in women. In case your diet is healthy and you are physically active, but your arms are not very attractive, you should try these tips and tricks and make them stronger and visually attractive.

Exercises That Will Help You Strengthen The Arms

1. Special Push-Ups

In order to conduct these special push-ups, you must first put the hand right under the shoulders (shoulder width apart).Next, spread the fingers and pur same weight on both your left and your right hand.Contract the abs and flatten the legs right behind you, raising on the balls of the feet.Trigger a reaction in the leg muscles and push the body from the heels. Remember that your lower back must remain straight all the time.Start the push=ups and breathe out when you get back to the initial position.

2. Special Chair Dips

Put a chair against any wall and keep the seat in your direction. Feel free to use a workout bench or any edge of a table if you want.Get in a position that is about two feet before the edge of your chair looking at the other direction.Put the hands behind the back, keep them shoulder width apart and use the fingers to hold the edge of the chair.Bend the knees to a straight 90 degree angle and breathe in when you bend the elbows which will eventually get your buttocks on the floor.Breathe out while you are getting up to the initial position. Make sure that you are not extending the elbows too much.

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3. Special Kickbacks

Start this exercise by holding a free weight in the left hand and keep the right hand free. At the same time, bend the right leg on your exercise bench.Keep the free weight in the hand and keep the back completely straight.Get a 90-degree angle located between the upper arm and forearm while you are maintaining your neck straight and the head up.Breathe out and rely on the triceps to raise the weight until the left arm is completely extended behind the body. Remember to make movements only with the forearm and don’t rely on the right hand or your legs.Once the left arm is completely extended, take a break and breathe in. After that, breathe out while the free weight is getting to the initial position.

Sport Activities to Shape Arm Muscles

In case you are prepared to get involved in something new and you are interested in sculpting your arms, you can also try some sports that have proven to be beneficial for the arms.

1. Tennis

In case you didn’t know, tennis is a complete body workout that is especially focused on creating strong arm muscles. Take your racket and go to the closest tennis court (usually located in parks). You can also enroll to a tennis school or become part of a recreational group.

2. Kayaking and Rowing

People who enjoy outdoor activities will love this suggestion. Both kayaking and rowing trigger the muscles located in our arms and they can easily shred extra fat and protect us from fat accumulation. In order to be successful in these sports, you must have powerful arms and a very strong core. In case you are not a great fan of water, you can also use a rowing machine. This may look too easy, but the truth is that it takes a lot of work to master these machines.

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3. Boxing

Some people may find this suggestion too extreme, but there is nothing extreme about boxing for better arms. This is a complete body workout that relies on strong arms and mental sharpness. Take boxing lessons or just kick and punch a bag in your local gym. Make sure that you learn more about this sport and its techniques because you can get injured if you are training in an inadequate way.

Following a Healthy Diet

1. Increase Water Intake

Stay away from soft drinks packed with sugar, juices, coffee with lots of cream and energy drinks and of course forget about sugar. This addition makes drinks tastier, but the healthiest solution is to increase water intake. Drink water all the time throughout the day. In this way you will protect yourself from food and sugar cravings and you will boost the performance of all bodily systems. Staying away from processed drinks and drinking more water will boost your weight loss results and improve your health.

2. Consume Food After and Before Workouts

Exercising when your stomach is empty can result in lightheadedness and nausea and you will reduce the effects of this activity. You must learn that food works as some kind of fuel for all bodily systems. If you don’t have fuel, you can’t expect your body and mind to work properly especially not to get involved in physical activity. So, before the training starts, take some carbohydrates. This is something that you should practice after you are done exercising. If the body gets sufficient amounts of protein after you are finished with your workout then you can expect faster muscle recovery. There are many sources where you can find what you need to eat before and after exercising.

3. Preparation of Meals

Making plans and preparing meals before you feel hungry will make you stay away from unhealthy and fast food when you feel that you don’t have time or energy to cook. So, take some time to design a good plan to prepare healthy foods for the upcoming week. Make sure that there is food that you can use at work too. Remember to prepare some healthy snacks too.

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