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30 Reasons to Never Put Another M&M in Your Mouth Ever Again

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Let’s be honest – if you are looking at a bowl packed with Daily Health Post you probably won’t resist the view and you will start eating them after a few seconds. This is especially true when the holiday season begins and people feel that they are “allowed” to consume anything they want and as much as they want.

But, next time you see these tasty mini chocolates that melt in the mouth, you should seriously take some facts into account.

In this article, we will show you why, but before we do that let’s analyze the history of M&M’s.

They were first introduced on the market in 1941. Today, they are available in stores located in more than one hundred counties and they have 33 special fillings.

M&M’s were designed especially for soldiers who wanted to take chocolates with them without the risk of melting.

William F.R. Murrie and Forrest E. Mars were the two persons whose initials were used as an inspiration for the name of this treat. Mars founder and Hershey’s founder son agreed on cooperation and this is how M&M’s were born.

Dangerous compounds found in candies

Exactly 40 years ago, Red candies were pulled from the stores because the authorities were concerned about the use of artificial dye. They believed that FD&C Red No.2 is a carcinogenic compound. Seven years later, Red candies returned on the market, but many NGOs advise people to avoid them and ask Mars Company to stop using these artificial colors. has labeled these colors as “neurotoxic chemicals” and CSPI or Center for Science in the Public interest has called them with the same phrase.

The popular Kraft Macaroni and Cheese were urged to stop using the potentially harmful Healthy Food house and Yellow 5 colors from their products.

In addition, the CSPI has requested the use of special labels with warnings that will show the customers what kind of risks these products bring. According to the management of this organization, there is sufficient evidence that petrochemicals found in artificial colors affect the behavior of children. They just hope that the authorities will follow their recommendation and practically force companies to use other ingredients.

M&M’s List of Ingredients

In order to learn more about this product, it is the best idea to analyze the list of contents. A bag of M&M’s contains:

Sugar, milk chocolate (cocoa butter, chocolate, sugar, lactose, skim milk, soy lecithin, milk fat, artificial color, salt), corn starch, less than one percent of corn syrup, artificial colors (red 40 lakes, blue 1 lake, yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 2 lakes, blue 1, red 40, blue 2, yellow 5 lakes, yellow 6 lakes), gum acacia.

HOW Harmful Are These Ingredients?

Unfortunately, despite public pressure, Mars company is still using artificial colors in M&M’s and other products. Although the FDA has approved these colors, there are numerous scientific studies that have shown that they can cause health problems. The sad truth is that there are many natural replacements that Mars can use.

Mars company has a yearly income of about $30 million, so this is the right time to introduce some healthy changes in their popular products. If you don’t want to take any risks and you want to stay healthy, it is the best idea to avoid these candies.

Even though this advice may seem impossible to follow, we will give you a list of sweet products that are much healthier. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can consume these products in unlimited amounts. Consumption of sugary/chocolate products should be minimal.

Dark chocolate – you should stick to these chocolate bars that have proven to be clean and healthy:Sweetriot – organic and non-GMO ingredientsEqual exchange – Completely fair trade and organic ingredientsGood cacao – chocolate bars packed with supplements.

Do you have suggestions for some healthy sweet or chocolate products? Please, share your experience with us and help others.

Via I Love Science | Paleo Leap | Net Doctor

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