5 Fun Games to Play with Your Significant Other

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The best romantic partner never forgets the importance of a good date night, even when you’re both living together. One of our previous articles emphasized that date nights shouldn’t be forgone just because you are both in the relationship for the long haul.

Keep the romance alive between you and your partner by making date nights a regular activity. Whether you want to improve your teamwork or test your significant other’s skills, here are some fun games that you’ll both enjoy on your dates.

36 Questions

Fall in love with your partner all over again by simply asking a few questions. The 36 Questions game was first used in a research study to test its efficiency in improving a couple’s closeness. A few months after the study, the respondents involved got closer to one another. In fact, some even got married afterwards!

All you have to do is simply take turns in asking and answering questions that reveals a lot about your personalities, preferences, and beliefs. So if you want to become closer to your partner, then why not try out this experiment?


Some things are truly hard to spell out, when it comes to love and Scrabble. This classic word game will test your vocabulary while keeping you and your significant other focused and entertained for hours! It is a great social bonding activity that can boost your cooperation skills and your emotional well-being. Furthermore, it can allow you both to become more expressive by proving that proper communication can always be manageable.

Couples’ Jenga

Jenga is a fun and inexpensive game but everyone knows how intense it can get, especially when the tower gets taller. You can modify the game and turn it into an opportunity to get to know your partner by adding some prompts. Spice up the game by adding questions or by writing dares on each block. These fun prompts will serve as an opportunity for you and your partner to snuggle up and get intimate.

Texas Hold ’em Poker

Grab your cards and challenge your partners’ skills by playing a few rounds of Texas Hold ‘em poker. This complex game can show you and your partner that emotional intelligence involves more than the ability to emulate a poker face, even at the most difficult times.

The mental skills poker players learn allow them to handle their emotions even if the deck is stacked against them. This is why building emotional intelligence is one of the mental skills you get from playing the game. So if you want you and your partner to become stronger despite all the challenges in your relationship, try learning how to manage your emotions through a good game of poker.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a classic video game that you and your significant other can enjoy! The World Economic Forum commends video games like this because they can connect players across cultures and beliefs. Similarly, you and your partner can navigate through differences and disagreements through this virtual go-kart race. You’ll be able to race through romantic rainbow bridges and watch the sunset shine over the roads.

Keep your significant other happy and satisfied by holding regular date nights. Try one of these fun games so you can enjoy each other’s company while improving your skills and learning more about your partner along the way.

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