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5 Natural Herbs To Detox Damaged Lungs

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According to the WHO (World Health Organization) nearly six million men and women die as a result of continuous use of tobacco every year. About 10% of them are secondhand smokers. At the same time, the American Cancer Society has reported that tobacco smoke includes more than 7100 different harmful and toxic chemicals and nearly 60 of them are carcinogens related to different types of cancer.

On top of that, tobacco leaves found in cigarettes are packed with radioactive elements that can accumulate in the body and increase the risk of cancer.

How Can Herbs Help Our Respiratory System?

There herbs that promote lung health. They provide some of these benefits to the respiratory system:

Soothing – aids to ease airways and nasal passages affected by inflammation.Expectorant – aids dissolution and removal of chest congestion.Antioxidant – possible source of efficient antioxidants and lower oxidative stress.Calming – calms and eases the spread of histamines.

Now let’s check the 5 most efficient herbs to cleanse the lungs:

1. Eucalyptus

This plant grows naturally in Australia. Native people on this continent have used eucalyptus for hundreds of years. Eucalyptus has one main compound – cineole. This compound creates many health benefits. For instance, it is a great expectorant and it can soothe cough; it combats congestion and has the ability to ease the symptoms of irritated nasal passages. In addition, it helps the work of immune system in cases of cold and similar ailments.

How to use eucalyptus – the best idea is to use therapeutic-grade eucalyptus essential oil and put just one drop of it on the finger tip. After that, just put the finger right under the nose. Additionally, you can use one drop of eucalyptus oil on the palm and cover your nose with it and inhale and exhale for a while. Many people replace commercial Vapo Rub with this oil and rub their chest with it.

2. Lungwort

This well-known flowering rhizomatous looks very similar to lung tissue. It comes with compounds that have the ability to eliminate dangerous microorganisms that have impact on the respiratory system.

How to use lungwort – in order to get the most of it, use it in the form of tincture in any tea.

3. Oregano

Oregano contains two very important compounds for the health of our lungs – rosmarinic acid and carvacrol. These compounds act as natural decongests and they also lower histamine release.

How to use oregano – put one drop of this oil and breathe in and out for a minute or two.

4. Lobelia

Lobelia is a source of a specific alkaloid called lobeline. This alkaloid has the power to thin mucus and dissolve congestion. In addition, lobelia makes the adrenal gland more active and forces them to produce more epinephrine and this hormone soothes and calms the airways which ultimately lead to easier breathing.

How to use lobelia – in most cases, people use lobelia in the form of tincture in teas.

5. Osha Root

This interesting root is packed with different useful cleansing compounds like terpenes, camphor, ferulic acid, phytosterols and saponins. Osha root encourages the removal of mucus accumulated in the sinuses and lungs and at the same time keeps the respiratory system safe from infections. Finally, osha root improves blood circulation to this area and in this way makes us healthier.

How to use Osha root – simply use it in the form of tincture in any tea.

Many people are considering quitting smoking and as we all know this is a completely personal decision. However, if we take the shocking number of lung cancer cases related to smoking, we must say that this decision is more than smart.

In case you quit smoking, you will be able to save money and cleanse the respiratory system and all bodily systems from the dangerous toxic chemicals found in tobacco. On top of that, you will breathe freely again and experience increased levels of energy.

Via Medical News Today

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