5 Signs That You Have a Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp!

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Not only that Himalayan salt lamps look good, but they offer numerous health benefits, such as cleansing the air, improving the mental clarity and sleep quality.

Unfortunately, as their popularity grew, many counterfeiters had found them as perfect targets for their “business”.

In this post you will read 5 signs that will help you see if your Himalayan salt lamp is fake.

1. White and Very Cheap

White Himalayan salt is very harder to find than the pink one. That’s why the cost of the true white Himalayan salt lamp is pretty high.

You can find one for at least $50-60 online, such as this one on Amazon. They do cost a lot, but they have incredible healing and detoxification properties.

2. Emits Light Perfectly although Very Heavy

The real Himalayan salt lamps can’t emit light in a uniform pattern if they weight over 20 pounds.

That is simply not possible with real Himalayan salt. This said, if your very big and heavy lamp lights up the entire room, it’s most likely made of something different than real Himalayan salt.

3. Indestructible

All real Himalayan salt lamps are fragile, especially the white ones. So, if your lamp is not damaged unlike the shipping box upon arrival, or when accidentally dropping it, you probably have a fake Himalayan salt lamp.

4. Handles Moisture Well

Real Himalayan salt lamps do absorb moisture, but they shrink with time. That’s why producers of the real lamps advise placing them in dry and cool places. To check if your lamp is real, do the following test:

Rub the lamp gently using a damp cloth. If your lamp is real, it will look like it’s “weeping”, and the cloth will be slightly discolored on the part that you have rubbed. If you can’t notice these things, your lamp is fake.

5. No Changes

Although Himalayan salt lamps aren’t going to solve all of your problems, you should still be able to notice some changes after using it several weeks. Some of these changes include:

Miners of Himalayan salt are considered as one of the happiest people on the planet. So, if you don’t notice significant results after using it for a certain period, you have a fake one which usually includes the toxin called fluoride.

Via Healthiest Alternative | David Wolfe

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