50 Surprising, Beautiful Thinks You Can Do With Vaseline in 5 Minutes! (VIDEO)

50 Surprising, Beautiful Thinks You Can Do With Vaseline in 5 Minutes! (VIDEO)
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Vaseline was quite popular among women in the past when the number of beauty products was limited. With the emergence of different types of beauty products, this was forgotten at least until now.

In the last few years, more and more girls and women rely on Vaseline when they want to improve their appearance. This petroleum jelly doesn’t come with any side effects and it is perfectly safe (and useful) for the nails, hair, and skin.
In case you are interested in how it can help, keep reading.

50 Thinks You Can Do With Vaseline

The following is a list of 50 incredible, beautiful things that you can achieve by using Vaseline for five minutes.

1. Apply a layer of Vaseline on the feet before bedtime, put your socks on, and once you are awake you will notice that the feet are much softer.
2. Apply a layer of it on the eyelashes at night. Many women are already doing this and they claim that they were able to extend their eyelashes and make them thicker too.
3. Put some of this special petroleum jelly on the cuticles three times a day in order to make them softer and more attractive.
4. Use some Vaseline on the elbows on a daily basis. They will become much softer.
5. If your lips are cracked or damaged, use it to “fix” them.
6. Take a small amount of Vaseline and mix it with a small amount of Kool-Aid. You will get natural, tasty, and colored lip gloss.
7. So, you can replace your lip gloss with Vaseline. Even without Kool-Aid, it will make the lips look more attractive and shinier. On top of that, you will treat your damaged lips.
8. You can use this product to keep the scent of perfume for a longer period of time. Simply apply some Vaseline on the area where you will put perfume. Before you spray the perfume, rub the area and the scent will last for many hours.
9. Take some Vaseline and melt it together with a chocolate chip in the microwave oven. When the mixture becomes solid, you can use it as a chocolate-based lip gloss. According to some women that have tried this mixture, it will make the lips even softer.
10. Many people dealing with acne use this product to moisturize their skin. There are a huge number of people who believe that Vaseline actually clogs pores, but they are completely wrong. It doesn’t block the pores, it seals the holes found in lipid barriers and as a result of that, the skin becomes smooth and shiny.

11. Use this product to moisturize your dry skin. The best idea is to use it once you are done showering.
12. Vaseline should be applied on the knees on a daily basis if we want to avoid dry knees and wear miniskirts without worrying about the look of our legs.
13. Take some sea salt and Vaseline to create a scrub. It will refresh your face. Use it before having a shower.
14. Use a small amount of it on the teeth if you want to avoid sticking your lipstick on the teeth. You certainly don’t want to smile with red lipstick on your teeth.
15. Ask your partner to massage your shoulders with some warmed Vaseline.
16. When this product is warmed up, you can replace your night cream with it.
17. Using Vaseline is an excellent way to remove makeup. Just dip a cotton swab in the Vaseline box and massage the makeup away.
18. It has the ability to prevent skin problems related to weather changes. Many people experience dry skin when the weather is cold and windy. This is the time of the year when you need to put some Vaseline on the exposed body parts before you leave the home.
19. It can be used as a simple shadow under the eyes. Needless to say, this area will become shinier. You will instantly look like some of the hottest club girls.
20. If you want a dewy appearance, use it on the cheeks. It is the best idea to use it on summer nights.

21. Vaseline is often used under cuticles during manicures. In this way, your finger won’t get sore and the nail beds appear more attractive.
22. It can also be used as an after-shaving product. You will avoid red bumps and your skin will not be irritated or dry.
23. Some people use it to lubricate ear lobes. The main point is to put earrings on your ears without feeling pain. This is especially useful for individuals who have not used earrings for a long period of time.
24. Eliminate dry skin marks which usually appear after intense washing. Obviously, we are talking about the lines that appear when we dry our skin after showering. Vaseline tends to fill up these lines with nutrients.
25. Make a combination of this product and your favorite lipstick if you want a unique creamy blusher used on the cheeks. Keep in mind that your lipstick must be safe to use on any part of the face. Most organic lipsticks are like this.
26. It maintains pliability and resilience in fingernails. There are situations when the fingernails are very weak, but with the help of Vaseline, you can bring back their firmness and beautiful look.
27. It can help you with your messy eyebrows. Take a disposable wand and gently comb the eyebrows to keep them tidy.
28. Vaseline can be used in cases when the rings are stuck on the finger.
29. Prepares the scalp prior to shampooing. Massage a small drop of Vaseline on the roots of your hair before you use shampoo. Your hair will be shiny and healthy.
30. Highlights eyelashes and provides a waterproof and fresh appearance. In case you are interested in skipping mascara, use a lash wand and a small amount of Vaseline. Your eyelashes will appear darker and more well-defined.

31. Speeds up the healing process after certain beauty surgery procedures. Incisions and similar procedures that can be quite painful are eased with Vaseline.
32. Protects us from chaffing. In case you are exercising in dry and hot weather or you want to use tight clothes in the nightclub, apply some Vaseline on the intimate areas and you can forget about chaffing.
33. Lowers the symptoms of dandruff including itching and scaling. It is best to use it before you take a shower.
34. If you use it on areas affected by lesions as a result of poison ivy activity, you can expect to soothe the pain and accelerate healing.
35. Vaseline is used after tattooing – for protection and healing. It will help you maintain tattoos moist, and clean and keeps the ink in place. If your tattoo is new, you will feel the freshness in that area if you use Vaseline.
36. Experts agree that Vaseline can be very helpful for people who are dealing with topic eczema.
37. Use this product on your bags and shoes to get extra shine. Take a piece of cotton cloth and a small amount of Vaseline and remove the grime and dirt.
38. This special petroleum jelly has the ability to keep our hair safe from chemicals used for straightening, perming, and dyeing. Many women use it as a simple hair mask. Put this product on the hairline before you start dyeing your hair. Keep in mind that Vaseline doesn’t have any side effects.
39. Take Vaseline and cover the ends of the hair in order to mask the damaged ends.
40. Take some of it and smear it on your hands. Cross your hair with your fingers in order to get a beautiful hairstyle.

41. Put some Vaseline on the top of the polish bottles (under the cap) and you will open them much easier. Nail polish bottles get stuck after you use them 2-3 times.
42. It can be used to get rid of stains from clothing caused by makeup. In case you can’t wash these stains and bleach doesn’t work either, rub Vaseline on the clothes and rinse with lukewarm water.
43. Take 3-4 drops of Vaseline and mix them with grated eye shadow pigment. In this way, you will be able to create completely new colors and nuances.
44. Don’t remove your 7-day-old nail polish; massage the nails with a cotton cloth soaked in Vaseline. Your nail polish will look as good as new.
45. Use it on the lips and wait for 5 minutes. After that, use a toothbrush to gently scrub the lips. This is the best way to remove dead skin cells and make your lips attractive.
46. You can also increase the longevity of your lotion by mixing it with this product.
47. Use a small quantity of this product on dry areas of the body before you use tanning products if you want to avoid unbalanced tanning.
48. Get rid of fake eyelash glue from the eyelash line. This procedure can be quite painful if you don’t use Vaseline.
49. Use a significant amount of Vaseline on the body before you board an airplane because these flights lead to skin dryness.
50. Create a body wash that consists of Vaseline and sea salt. Your dead skin cells will be gone instantly.

Via Keep Your Body

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