6 Menstrual Problems You Should Never Ignore

6 Menstrual Problems You Should Never Ignore
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Most of us would probably be quite happy to miss a menstrual cycle every now and again, but menstrual problems with your cycle should not be ignored, as they may be an indication that something else is wrong.

Gynecologists recommend that you should go and see them as soon as possible if you experience regular menstrual problems. If you suffer from any of the six problems that are listed below, then you might want to think about making an appointment.

Menstrual Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Missed Periods

If you miss two or more periods, then this can be an indication that there is a problem, especially if you can be certain that you are not pregnant. It may be caused by stress or diet, but there is also a chance that you have a hormonal imbalance, or you may be experiencing premature menopause. It is important to get checked by your gynecologist as soon as possible as frequently missed periods can lead to the growth of abnormal cells.

2. Cramps That Are Sudden and Intense

Most people suffer from stomach cramps when they are menstruating, but if these cramps are extremely painful and come on suddenly, then you should consult your gynecologist. This could be caused by a condition called endometriosis, where the cells inside the uterus start to grow on the exterior wall. This can cause severe pain which will come on very quickly.

3. Abnormal Bleeding

Bleeding between periods is not uncommon, and in many cases is caused by something such as taking birth control pills or some other reason that is no cause for concern. However, if this is something that is happening to you, it is vital that you get it checked out, as it can also be a sign that you may be developing pre-cancerous cells.

4. Heavy or Prolonged Bleeding

You should make an appointment to see your gynecologist if you have expressive heavy bleeding that means you have to change your protection on an hourly basis, or if your cycle lasts longer than ten days. This could be an indication of a more serious problem such as fibroids or polyps, and therefore it needs further investigation. There is a range of tests that your gynecologist will be able to run.

5. Severe PMS

The premenstrual dysphoric disorder is a condition that makes the symptoms of PMS far worse than they would be normally. You may find yourself getting much more anxious and depressed, and you may even become quite angry and aggressive. You may also find that you have cravings for food that you cannot control. If you suffer from this condition, then you may be prescribed antidepressants by your doctor.

6. Hormones Becoming ‘Distressed’

Conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and arthritis can all become much worse during your cycle if you suffer from premenstrual magnification. If this is something that you have been experiencing then it is probably not a coincidence. Your doctor may be able to prescribe some medication that you can take before you start menstruating that can help you deal with this problem.

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