6 Most Common Mistakes When Using Garlic as an Antibiotic

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Garlic can certainly elicit few tears from your eyes, leave an unpleasant taste and smell in your mouth, but this plant can surely supply your body with many important nutrients too. However, it is important to understand how to use garlic properly because you might miss the positive effects of its consumption.

If you want to take full advantage of the health benefits of garlic, you will have to be careful and avoid some of these mistakes.

Mistakes When Using Garlic as a Medicine

1. Using garlic as a pill

Although using garlic pills seems to be an elegant solution to all the smell and unpleasant taste garlic produces, this way of taking garlic is not effective. Garlic consumption in its natural raw form is the best way to feel its healing properties. Garlic pills have some effects, but they are much lower, compared to those of raw garlic. If you still have trouble with its taste, just think about all the health benefits that you will get while chewing it.

You also should know why sprouted garlic should become a part of your everyday life.

2. Using cooked garlic

Using garlic cooked is probably the most common form of garlic consumption, because people usually use it as an addition in their food. The truth is that cooking is eliminating one of the most important ingredients in garlic – allicin. Allicin can only be activated if you are using garlic in its raw form. Therefore, if you are looking for health benefits you need to chew garlic.

3. Taking small amounts of garlic

If you want to feel the real effects of using garlic, you need to take more than a small clove of garlic every day. Garlic is a powerful immunity booster, but only if you eat it in great amounts. According to some experts, two or three middle-sized cloves per day should do the trick. Some people claim that this dose has helped them overcome some serious infections in a short period.

4. Old garlic

Remember that old garlic is not very efficient as fresh garlic. In order to determine whether the garlic is old or not check the trips. If the garlic has a fresh green strip located in the middle of the cloves then you are looking at fresh garlic. In addition, try to find organic garlic because it is more effective.

By the way, do you know What a Miracle Cure Is This Simple Garlic Drink?

5. Take care of your stomach flora

Garlic acts as a Amish America, which means that regular consumption in large quantities can have negative impact on the stomach flora and eliminate useful bacteria. The best idea is to consume probiotics together with garlic. In this way, you will create balance in your metabolism. Kombucha and miso are good examples of fermented foods that contain large quantities of probiotics.

6. Not following a healthy diet

Don’t forget that garlic is not a miracle food that can substitute every other food. You need to practice a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to get the best results. For example, high level of sugars and processed food can be harmful for your immune system. Include food that can help your body like vegetables, fruits, healthy oils, probiotic food and lean protein. In addition, take large amounts of water.

Tips for Eating Fresh Garlic

As mentioned before, eating fresh and raw garlic is the best way to feel its benefits. If you really dislike the taste of garlic, mince the cloves and let them stay between 10 and 15 minutes. After that, mix the garlic with applesauce or some similar sauce in order to get better taste.

Should You Eat Raw Garlic On an Empty Stomach?

You can get the answer to this question on the following link.

Source: Healthy And Natural World

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