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6 Ways To Re-Purpose Used Plastic Utensils in Your Garden

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We use plastic utensils for every occasion, whether for lunch or snacking, they are pretty convenient. But what you did not know is that you do not have to throw them out, instead you can re-purpose them.

Besides for eating, I bet you did not know you can use plastic utensils for other things, like gardening.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading the article.

6 Ways to Use Plastic Utensils

1. Use Them for Garden Decoration

Why have a boring garden when you can make it your personal heaven. You can use the plastic utensils to make stunning flowers or sunflowers (pictured above), place them in interesting patterns and voila! Enjoy your improved garden.

2. Plastic Utensils Keep Pests at Bay

When it comes to gardening, you want to protect your hard work from pests, including your darling cat. You can buy clear plastic utensils instead of white since they are less visible. Use the following photo as an example.

Once the plants grow, remove the utensils, but they are no bother anyway because they are clear. This solution is a guarantee no furry pet will come near your garden.

3. Label Your Plants

Plastic forks can serve as excellent and cheap labels. Certain nurseries garden labels can go up to 4.50$ a pack, having in mind that one pack contains only 20 pieces.

If a person has 100 squares garden, it is certainly not economy-efficient to spend 25$ for labels. On the other hand, plastic forks are way cheaper and more fun way to label the herbs in your garden.

4. Use Plastic Utensils as Decorative Labels

Once you decide to use plastic utensils as labels, you can make them more interesting by painting them. This will give your garden a fresh new look.

5. Make an Attractive and Useful Fence

Another way to use used plastic forks is to wash them and place them in the soil as a fence. Your garden is going to look pretty, and at the same time, this plastic fence will keep the squirrels at bay. Feel free to be inspired by the photo below.

6. Make Garden Art or Kids’ Craft

You can also re-purpose the used plastic utensils by making kids’ craft or garden art. Just let your imagination run free and you will be surprised by the end-results.

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