60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours!

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This invention will solve two of your major complains, the high costs of energy and the lack of time to workout. This free power invention has the capacity to provide electricity for 1.3 billion people, who currently live without it out of poverty.

The inventor of the Free Electric hybrid bike, Manoj Bhargava, says everyone can generate electricity at home while doing a workout routine.

When you pedal the bike, you drive a flywheel that turns a generator and charges a battery. So, pedaling for an hour can supply energy for 24 hours for one rural household.

Manoj Bhargava and his team wanted to take advantage of human-created mechanical energy to solve one of the most pervasive problems on Earth. With that purpose, they’ve created this revolutionary bicycle.

The billionaire explains that although energy is required by almost everything today, it’s not available to over half of the world’s population (or they have only 2-3 hours a day access to electricity).

Awesome Free Energy Technology That will Definitely Change the World

If poverty-stricken communities have access to free energy, they will not only be able to light their homes, but also to get educated using the internet. As Bhargava thinks, the reason why most poor people stay poor is their lack of power. His goal is to fix this with the free energy bike.

If each household in a small village pedals the bike for an hour a day, they will supply electricity to their entire village. But, this bike can be also used in developed countries, where people struggle with obesity and high energy costs.

The Free Electric bicycle also produces an eco-friendly energy, as it presents a clean way to generate power.

Bhargava is a great humanitarian who has pledged 90 percent of his wealth to research and charity, so the next year, he plans to distribute 10,000 Free Electric hybrid bikes in India.

Via Walden Labs

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