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7 Amazing Reasons Why Taking Cold Showers is Good for Your Health

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We have all been in a situation when we had to take a shower although there was no warm water left. Even if you belong to a small group of people who didn’t have this unpleasant experience you probably know how it is when someone flushes the toilet while you are still showering.

These are moments to remember because instead of enjoying the process we are left angry especially if this is something that happens during the winter period.

However, the next time this happens, don’t be so nervous because taking cold showers can actually be good for your health. There is even a special term used for this practice – James Bond Shower or Scottish Shower.

These terms are used for cases when people turn the temperature down to the coldest level at the end of showering because it brings many health benefits for the skin and the body in general.

Taking Cold Showers Benefits

Let’s highlight some of these benefits.

1. Improves the look of hair and skin

When we talk about skin and hair, taking cold showers can help you achieve a completely natural and fresh appearance. When we use hot water, we are actually drying our skin, so it is better to use cold water because it can tighten and shrink the pores and cuticles which will protect them from clogging. In other words, cold water has the ability to seal the pores all over the body and keep the dirt and harmful substances out.

2. Improves alertness

Having a cold shower after you wake up in the morning may sound like an extreme measure for some people. The truth is that this practice will lead to deep breathing caused by the shock in order to keep the warmth of our body. This means that the oxygen intake will be increased too. So, our heart rate will also increase and release a high amount of blood in every part of the body.  This practice will provide the much-needed energy at the beginning of the day.

3. Supports weight loss

Many people are unaware of the fact that cold showers can support their weight loss efforts. There are two different types of fat tissue in our body – brown fat and white fat. The latter builds up in the system when we take more calories than we actually need and we can’t find a way to burn these calories and turn them into energy.

4. Improves blood circulation and immunity

Coldwater can lead to better blood circulation because it practically forces our blood to circulate around our organs. This is a good way to help your body solve some health problems related to your heart and skin.

5. Helps in cases of depression

Cold showers have proven to be a good remedy in cases of depression because they activate the skin receptors that react to the cold. This reaction sends a huge amount of impulses from these nerve endings to your brain.

6. Eases stress

Taking a cold shower without acclimating and doing the same in a relatively cold sea or lake can increase your tolerance to stress and even to some diseases.

7. Accelerates muscle recovery and soothes soreness

We all know that professional athletes use ice baths after their training session is over in order to eliminate the effects of muscle soreness. Of course, you don’t have to do that because even a cold shower after your workout can be beneficial for people involved in gym activities. This practice can recover the muscles faster and soothe the soreness.

Via Medical Daily

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