7 Big Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Throw Lemon Peel Away

7 Big Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Throw Lemon Peel Away
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Uses of lemon peel are so many, that you can do many things with the peels in so many different areas. Whether it is cooking, cleaning or deodorizing – lemon peel can do everything.  Lemon and lemon peel are bright, refreshing and have a very nice smell.

Interesting fact is that the lemon peel contains even more Vitamin C that the lemon juice itself.  If you experiment a little, you will find out many helpful benefits that come out of the lemon peel.

Let`s look at some of them:

Lemon Peel Benefits

Lemon Peel Against Cancer – The lemon peel has proved to be efficient in treating of preclinical models of breast and colon cancers. Many studies have confirmed the positive effects of the lemon peel in the fight against cancer, especially skin cancer. You can also read about What Impact Has the High-Dose of Vitamin C on Cancer.Improves digestion and it boosts the immune system – Lemon peel contain Vitamin C that boost the general health, so you can successfully treat flus and colds with them. Lemon peel also has fibers, and fibers are known to help the good digestion in the organism.Reduces cholesterol – Lemon peel is rich in potassium that is keeping your blood pressure stable. The Vitamin C clears your blood vessels, which reduces the risks of heart diseases and other blood problems.Treats skin problems – The citric acid in the lemon peel helps in preventing the signs of premature aging, wrinkles, darks spots and acnes. The antioxidants in the lemon peel are good for fighting acne and keeping your skin to look young and fresh.Keeps bones strong – Eating the lemon peel can help you in prevention of osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and bone fractures. This is due to the calcium and Vitamin C found in the peel.Prevents dental problems – The citric acid and Vitamin C helps preventing bleeding gums, gingivitis and whitens the teeth.Reduces stress – Lemon peels contain citrus flavonoids that are very helpful in reducing the levels of oxidative stress. It removes the toxic elements in the body organism and boosts the energy levels.

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Lemon Peel Side Effects

There are not many side effects known to consuming lemon peels, but there is a possibility for a harmful effect if you consume large amounts of lemon peel.  It is not that dangerous, but the citric acid in the lemon peel can upset the stomach if you take it in large amounts. It also can damage the teeth as the citric acid has disintegrative characteristics.

Lemon peel consumption also gives you a feeling of satiety, which can lead to weight loss. The body reacts to lack of food by storing an extra fat. The extra fat can cause fatigue and anxiety in the organism. Therefore, the diets with lemon peel consumption are known to be risky, and are not recommended.

Besides this, there is very little negative to say about the lemon peels – they are nutritious, low calorie and low in fat.

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