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7 Easy Ways to Detox Every Day for More Energy and Vibrant Skin

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Our body eliminates some toxins by itself. But, why wait when we can do something to speed up and improve the detoxification process?

In this post, you’ll learn 7 ways that will help your body perform its normal detox function, faster and more effectively.

1. Stop using plastic containers for cooking and drinking. Plastics contain harmful chemicals which leech into your food, or drink, when heated. Replace your plastic containers and bottles with glass or ceramic containers, and stainless steel bottles.

2. Use non-toxic skin care products. Most store-bought skin care products contain toxic chemicals which get easily absorbed by our skin. Besides hindering the function of the liver to eliminate them from the body, the toxic chemicals from skincare products are linked to various health problems.

They block the detox pathways, so they remain in the body. What’s more, these chemicals are transformed into fat cells, impeding the weight loss process, and causing the appearance of acne, wrinkles, and rashes.

3. Infrared sauna. This rarely mentioned detox method requires only 15 minutes to help your body eliminate toxins through sweat. The energy produced by infrared rays is identical to that of the sun, providing you more benefits like boosted metabolism, improved blood circulation, and cellular cleanse.

4. Epsom salt bath. Having a relaxing bath with magnesium sulfate, more known as Epsom salt, will help your body flush out the accumulated toxins. Epsom salt relaxes the nervous system, so having a warm Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil before bedtime, will relax your body and mind, giving you a better sleep.

5. Remove the dead skin cells by brushing your body with natural fiber brush before taking a bath. Use circular movements on the way to the heart, for about two minutes. Do this every day.

6. Exercise regularly. Our body releases toxins through sweat, so exercising regularly will give you two benefits – successfully removed toxins, and improved metabolic activity.

7. Use filtered water not only for drinking, but also for cooking, and showering whenever you can.

Get started today!

Via Health Digezt

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