7 Excellent Food Sources of Vitamin B7 That You Need in Your Regular Diet

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Do you know that our body needs vitamin B7 (biotin) for synthesizing different nutrients for supplying energy to our body? In simple terms, we need this vitamin for getting energy from what we eat. That is exactly why we all eat food for! So without this vitamin, we will not have any energy and we will not be able to move!

This vitamin is easily soluble in water. Always make sure that there is enough vitamin B7 in your body. Otherwise your health and bodily functions will get badly affected!

Besides metabolizing fats, proteins and carbs for fueling our body, it also makes our hair, skin and nails healthy and beautiful. It is also required for the growth and regular maintenance of our muscles. Sufficient amount of it will help keep our heart healthy and our blood sugar levels under control. It can also help in weight control.

There is no limit to the number of health problems that can be caused by its deficiency. Just few of them include:

Fatigue;Feeling excessively weak;Depression;Pain in the muscles;Loss of hair;Dandruff;Dry scalp.

And even anemia! In some cases, the patient can lose appetite and suffer from dermatitis.

Scientists claim that chronic conditions due to deficiency of biotin can be neurological disorders (of the nervous system) and restricted growth in infants.

But there are many foods that can replenish your supply of vitamin B7. Make sure they are included in your daily diet.

“The Must” 7 Foods Sources of Vitamin B7

Sweet Potatoes – Take just 1 cup of sweet potatoes and it will supply almost 30% of your daily recommended dosage of biotin. They also contain vitamin A and essential dietary fiber. We all know how vitamin A improves our eye health. Sweet potatoes also have other vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, pantothenic, copper, manganese and potassium.Nuts – Make sure to include small amounts of nuts in your daily diet. Do you know that just a quarter cup of peanuts can supply almost 88-90% of your daily recommended dosage of the vitamin. Walnuts have 19% and almonds have 49% of your daily requirement of biotin.Onion – 1 cup of onions can replenish around 27% of your daily recommended dosage of vitamin B7. You can eat them as part of cooked food or even in raw form. There are many other nutrients in onions like vitamin C, manganese, antioxidants and copper.Eggs – Just take 1 mid-sized egg after boiling and it will supply around 27% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of the vitamin B. Then it will also supply proteins which help in building muscles. Other nutrients in eggs include vitamins A/B2/B12/D, selenium, phosphorus, iodine and molybdenum.Tomato – Take 1 cup of tomatoes and a quarter of your daily RDA of vitamin B7 will be fulfilled. It also contains vitamin C, copper, molybdenum, manganese, and potassium. Tomato also has a nutrient called lycopoene which has strong anti-cancer properties.Oatmeal – If you can take 1 cup of oats, they can more than meet your RDA of vitamin B7. They will also supply dietary fiber to our body and offer other benefits like promoting healthy bowel movement. Regular consumption of oats also minimize chances of colon cancer.Carrots – One cup of carrots supply around 20% of your RDA of this vitamin. They also provide a large volume of vitamin A to our body. Other nutrients include manganese, dietary fiber, molybdenum, vitamin C, vitamin K, pantothenic and potassium.

Via 1 Million Health Tips

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