7 Foods That Boost a Slow Metabolism and Reverse Metabolic Damage

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We are all aware of the fact that your metabolism tends to become slower with the aging process. This fact doesn’t stop scientists from conducting studies related to this subject and it seems that some studies have confirmed many interesting theories.

Before we go into details of slow metabolism, we should mention that almost all women gain weight when they reach adult age.

According to some stats, they gain 1 ½ pound a year on average. This is extra 40 pounds in the late 50s if women are not actively fighting the impact of hormonal change, bone and muscle loss, and stress. These factors slow down the process of burning fat.

The good news is that midlife weight gain is not something that we cannot avoid. There is a good strategy that can help any woman reduce the effects of aging.

In the recent period, many bodybuilding and fitness experts talk about reverse dieting. The idea is based on the fact that certain types of dieting lead to metabolic damage, so these experts are trying reverse dieting to reverse this damage.

Whilst it is true that popular mainstream fitness and bodybuilding experts don’t like to speak publicly about reverse dieting, many studies can confirm that dieting actually slows the metabolism and that’s why most people experience weight regain once their diet is over.

7 Foods That Reverse a Slow Metabolism and Metabolic Damage

1. Garlic

By adding garlic to meals with a large number of carbs and fats you will be able to control these ingredients from causing problems to your health. A recent study has shown that garlic stabilizes blood sugar metabolism and supports the control of lipid levels in the bloodstream. So, use fresh garlic whenever you can (but don’t use garlic bread frequently).

2. Olive oil

Some people may be confused when they see this suggestion because olive oil is certainly rich in fats, but we are talking about monounsaturated fats which can support burning fats. Of course, you will have to avoid fats from products like butter or cream. Use only limited amounts of olive oil.

3. Ginger

Ginger root has the ability to suppress appetite, help the process of digestion and improve metabolic rates once you are finished eating. Simply add grated or sliced ginger to your tea or stir-fry or use it in some baked foods.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli contains many nutrients, but what is important for the metabolic rate is the presence of vitamin C and calcium. These two ingredients are true boosters when they are used together.  If you want to use broccoli for this purpose make sure that everything is alright with your thyroid. Broccoli can reduce the production of thyroid hormones in people suffering from thyroid disease.

5. Hot peppers

Chili, cayenne, habanero, and jalapeno are all spices that can make your meals tastier and they will also boost your metabolism. Recent scientific research has confirmed that using hot peppers in regular meals (even small amounts like a pinch of cayenne) can speed up the metabolic rate by up to 25%.

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6. Avocado

This exotic green fruit is packed with calories and fat, but it is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. What is even more important, the high number of calories is the result of the presence of monounsaturated fats – an important factor in metabolic rate regulation.

7. Almonds

A diet that includes almonds can aid your weight loss plan. This is something that has been confirmed by a study conducted 12 years ago. Scientists suggested that the level of monounsaturated fats in almonds has a positive impact on insulin levels and it also suppresses appetite.

Via Healthline | Greatist | Ecosalon


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