7 Ways to Make Your Morning Coffee Rock

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A cup of coffee in the morning is something that is a must for numerous people in the world. Coffee lovers can enjoy this beverage even more knowing that it is very healthy and a great natural antioxidant.

However, this does not mean that consuming frappucino with extra caramel from Starbucks is a healthy option. This beverage is very unhealthy because it contains a high amount of sugar and additives. Coffee beverages that have syrup inside may lead to weight gain, sugar crash, and lethargy.

Instead of drinking a cup of coffee as a high-calorie dessert, you should consider making your own coffee at home. Try using some of the following ingredients to make it even more nutritive.

Grass-fed organic butter

One of the most famous coffee supplements is grass-fed butter. It is considered being a bulletproof coffee because of its health benefits. To get the health benefits of coffee, just add 1 tbsp of grass-fat butter to your first coffee cup in the morning. You will also enjoy the creaminess of this healthy fat.

The human body needs minerals and vitamins for proper function, and you can find them in grass-fed butter. Moreover, coffee has a better effect on you. You will be awake, alert, and feel more energetic during the day. So, including grass-fed butter in your life may be exactly what you need to function better.


Would you like some extra nice flavor in your coffee? How about a better antioxidant? All you have to do is add a bit of cinnamon to your coffee cup. Studies say that cinnamon decreases inflammation, eases nausea, and improves the immune system. Cinnamon is easily available, so you can enjoy this new flavor of coffee and feel the health benefits.

Cayenne pepper

People who do not like spicy food may find this information weird. However, if you are open to new stuff, you can definitely try cayenne pepper for some health boost. Just add a bit of this spice before you brew your coffee. According to research, cayenne pepper contains an active ingredient called capsaicin that fights heart disease and helps you lose weight.

Peppermint oil

If you are a lover of peppermint late, this is good news for you. In the morning, you should try adding a droplet of peppermint oil to your coffee. It is a popular fact that peppermint calms the stomach and can ease nausea. Also, peppermint is good for relieving stress, boosting energy, and clearing your mind.

Coconut sugar

If you are staying away from sweetened coffee beverages, then, coconut sugar can help you during this transition. Try adding one tsp of coconut sugar before brewing your coffee. Besides helping with the flavor, coconut sugar is a source of iron and is great for your gut. Anyhow, use it carefully because after all – it is sugar.

Dark chocolate

Another great way (maybe even the best one) to make your coffee taste better is dark chocolate. Use 70% dark chocolate (or more), take one square and add it to your coffee cup. You can enjoy the tasty flavor and the amazing health benefits. Research says that dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, decreases the risk of stroke, and can be great for your brain.


The most famous flavor in the world – chocolate comes from cacao. Cacao contains high amounts of flavonoids. Daily consumption of cacao can be beneficial for your brain, nerves, heart, vessels. Also, it can improve your mood and clear your mind.

Coconut milk

If you are one of those people who prefer coffee without dairy products, you should know that coconut milk is a great alternative. This tasty milk is high in minerals such as iron and magnesium which are essentials for the body. So, drinking coconut milk will improve your organ function and make your bones stronger.

More thoughts on coffee

Choose coffee of high quality: when shopping for coffee, make sure that you purchase fair trade, organic coffee that does not contain synthetic chemicals.Do not overdrink: no matter how coffee is beneficial for your body, you should not drink more than three cups per day. Consuming a lot of caffeine can lead to decreased focus and can cause jitters.No coffee after sunset: Caffeine is a stimulant, and you do not want to disturb your sleep. That is why you should not consume coffee late in the day.

Source Tropical Health

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