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9 Exercises to Burn Abdominal Fat In 30 Days

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This short list of exercises is designed to aid people making efforts to eliminate abdominal fat and make their abdominal muscles stronger.

However, in order to witness the best results, you should perform cardio exercise on a regular basis – at least three times per week.

Beginners’ Exercises

1. Front Plank

Focused on: Transverse abs

Start by getting down on your knees and hands. At the same time, make back muscles and belly contractions, go down on your forearms and stretch your legs behind your torso. In the end, put some pressure on the balls of the feet.

Your hips must be raised while the back must be straight. Don’t forget to keep the neck relaxed all the time. Keep this position for about 2-3 seconds and after that, go back to the starting position. Perform this exercise ten times.

2. Butterfly Crunch

Focused on: The six pack or rectus abdominus

Lie down on your back and put the soles as close as you can to the body while your knees are bended to the sides.

Put the hands right behind your head and keep your elbows in a straight line with your ears.

Remember to keep the back completely flat on the floor and at the same time contract the abs, inhale and curl the chest upward (just a few inches off the ground in the direction of your legs).

Return to the starting position. Perform ten repetitions.

3. Side to Side

Focused on: Sides or obliques

Lie down on the ground, keep the feet flat on the ground, arms by their sides and bend your knees. Inhale and contract the abs by moving the left hand in the direction of your left foot.

Align the neck and head and maintain balance. Keep your lower back pressed against the ground. Get back to the starting position and start with the right side of your body. Perform 15 reps.

Beginner-Advanced Exercises

4. Scissors

Focused on: sides or obliques

Lie down on the ground and put the finger right behind your head. Make the abdominal muscles tightened, lift up the right knee and press it to the left elbow. Get back to the starting position and after that raise the left knee and press it to the right elbow.

Switch sides one by one for 15 repetitions and perform two sets. However, you must be sure that you are activating all abdominal muscles in a slow and slick movement, but keep your hands relaxed in order to avoid neck injuries.

5. Fingers to Toes

Focused on: The six pack or rectus abdominus

Your legs must be straightened and stretched in the direction of the ceiling. Your arms must lie close to your body and you must get into a normal lying position.

Inhale and make the abdominal muscles tightened while you get up from your waist and stretch your hands in the direction of your toes. Your back must be kept flat on the ground. Perform two sets that consist of 15 repetitions each.

6. Reverse Crunch with The Help of Resistance Bands

Focused on: Transverse abs

Lie down on your back, bend your knees, keep the arms close to the body and grab and keep one of the ends of a band in your left and right hand.

The band must be wrapped around the upper side of the shins. Raise your knees in the direction of your chest until you notice that the hips are fully raised and don’t touch the ground.

Hold this position for about 2-3 seconds and after that get back to the starting position. Perform two sets that consist of 10 reps each.

Advanced Moves

7. Leg Swings

Focused on: Sides or obliques

Lie down on the floor on your back, keep the arms out to each side, raise your feet and legs, inhale and keep navel in direction of your spine and at the same time, start lowering your legs to right side about 4-5 inches from the ground. Get back to the starting position and perform the same procedure on the left. Perform three sets and switch sides for 15 times.

8. Ball Leg Lift

Focused on: Transverse abs

Get down and place your face on a ball and start rolling until you notice that your hands are touching the floor firmly. While you are in this position you should have just the feet’s tops flat on your ball.

Rise up the right leg about 3-4 inches in the direction of the ceiling and at the same time keep the left leg and back straight. Hold this position for 3-4 seconds and slowly lower the right leg. Perform this exercise ten times and after that use the left leg. If you want to get the most from this exercise, add 2 reps every week.

9. Knee-Ups

Focused on: The six pack or rectus abdominus

Position yourself right between the backrests of the chairs (use sturdy chairs) while you keep the shoulders down, elbows a little bit bent and the neck fully relaxed. At the same time, make sure that your chest and head are raised up.

The abdominal muscles must be kept tight. Inhale and gently move your knees toward the chest. Don’t swing back and forth fast. In case this exercise is too challenging, you can lift one knee instead of two. Perform 15 repetitions and three sets.

In addition, we will present five more exercises focused on burning abdominal fat. Keep in mind that you should also perform cardio exercise three times a week.

Medicine Ball Swing

Focused on: Sides or obliques and abdominal muscles

Keep a standing position and put your legs should-width apart (or a little bit more). Grab a ball and keep it in your hands and bend your knees slightly.

After that, squat and move the ball back and forth right between your legs and right after that, stand up and move the ball back and forth in front of your body and over your head. Perform this exercise for twenty times.

Ab Hold

Focused on: Abdominal muscles

Just sit tall right on the edge of your favorite chair and place your hands on the edge. Keep the fingers in a position that is directed on your knees. After that, contract the abdominal muscles and lift your toes about 2-4 inches off the ground. Raise your buttock from the chair. Hold this position for ten seconds. Next, lower the body and repeat this procedure for 60 seconds.

The 100

Focused on: Lower abdominal muscles

Sit tall on a standard mat and bend your knees close to the chest. Put your hands at the sides. After that, lie down on the ground bend your knees while keeping the palms faced downwards. Inhale and rise the shoulders and head.

Begin pumping your arms 5-6 inches up and down.

While sitting tall on a mat, bend the knees by the chest and the hands should be placed at the sides. Then, lie down and bend the knees, and the palms should be faced down. Breathe in and lift the head and shoulders using the fingertips. The lower back must be pushed in the direction of the floor and your lower abdominal muscles pulled in the direction of your spine.

Squat Thrust and Twist

Start by standing with your feet wide open. At the same time, your arms must be at shoulder height and kept right in front of the body. Begin squatting down, twist the upper part of the body to the right and bend the knees (90 degrees). Next, switch to the left side and repeat this exercise.

The Cobra

Lie down and keep your face down on the ground. Your palms must be close to the chest and your shoulders, chest and head lifted off the floor. At the same time, pull your shoulder blades towards the ground. Keep this position for about two seconds and after that lower the body. Repeat this procedure for ten times.

Via Healthy Food House

Source Healthline | Healthline

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