A Banana May Boost Eye Health

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The vast majority of people rely on carrots whenever they want to enhance their eye vision. However, scientific studies have confirmed that there is another food that can improve eye health – bananas.

Studies Confirm That Bananas Have The Ability to Boost Vision in Men and Women

A scientific study that lasted for 18 years and included about 100.000 women and men has shown that those who eat more fruits like bananas can significantly improve their vision, even more than those who rely only on veggies. This study found that fruits have the ability to fight and eliminate an eye disease that is more serious than macular degeneration related to the process of aging also known as ARMD. This disease often results in blindness.

The specific form of macular degeneration is called neovascular ARMD. In case you are wondering what neovascular means, we should point out that this attribute is used to describe the process of growth of brand new blood vessels in different parts of the eye even though they should not appear there.

This situation gradually results in fluid and blood leaking that goes under the retina. On the other hand, in most cases, this leaking spills to so-called blind spots in the vision system and in certain cases result in blindness.

The results from this study were revealed in the famous Archives of Ophthalmology and they highlighted the fact that at least three servings of fresh fruit per day will probably keep us safe from this type of eye disorder. Experts advise the use of pieces of bananas in oatmeal, bananas in smoothies, etc. Eating a frozen banana is equally helpful.

There is another proof that bananas are good for vision. Namely, in Nigeria, people following alternative medicine are making a combo of banana and Orinol (an ancient herb from Africa) in order to heal macular degeneration and cataracts. Experts claim that this remedy is very efficient.

Statistics Related to Blindness and Some Other Methods to Preserve Good Eyesight

For those who know more about the nutritional value of bananas, this is not a surprise. They know that bananas are packed with vitamin A. This vitamin is known for its ability to keep eye membranes safe and delivering the right amount of light directly to the cornea.

If you want to use bananas for this purpose you must analyze their ripeness because their state affects the glycemic level. Bananas that are too ripped usually have very high GL (even more than 70). On the other hand, bananas that are not ripe yet can have a very low GL of about 30. We must point out this fact because foods packed with sugar have been associated with a very high risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

A scientific study conducted by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has shown that about 18 million Americans will suffer from ARMD in 2050.

Besides increased consumption of bananas, it is highly recommended to give up on smoking, reduce weight and ease blood pressure because these health issues also contribute to the negative processes in our eyes.

Via Natural News

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