A Daily Cup of Tea May Soothe Your Heart

A Daily Cup of Tea May Soothe Your Heart
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A recent scientific research has shown that consumption of only one cup of tea can improve your heart health.

This scientific study has confirmed that individuals who had a cup of tea each day had about 35% less chances to experience a heart attack or other cardiovascular problem compared to those who never consume tea.

In addition, this study has also concluded that tea fans had fewer chances to witness calcium accumulation in the coronary arteries. These calcium buildups have been associated with very serious health issues like stroke and heart disease.

According to Dr. Elliot Miller, who was part of this research, they were able to determine that regular tea consumers had a lowered expansion of coronary artery calcium and lower risk of cardiovascular problems. Dr. Elliot Miller is a reputable internal medicine doctor and mentor of medicine in the famous Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

However, Dr. Miller has pointed out that this study doesn’t prove a direct link between tea consumption and heart disease. He said that this is just an observational research and they can’t be sure whether the tea is directly responsible for the positive effects or the healthy lifestyle of the participants who drink tea regularly brought these effects.

Dr. Miller will present this interesting study in a few days at a conference organized by the AHA (American Heart Association) in Phoenix, Arizona. Findings displayed at medical conferences are viewed as preliminary at least until they are presented in a peer-reviewed journal/magazine. Miller also mentioned that the study was not sponsored by the tea industry.

In order to conduct this study, Miller and his colleagues, analyzed data gathered from about 6.000 women and men that accepted to be part of this study in 2000. The only criteria they’ve used to choose the candidates were their health. Each of the participants was free of heart problems.

The scientists followed the records of women and men to check who has experienced a stroke, heart attack, chest pain or died due to heart disease in the last 11 years. In addition, they have also checked the calcium buildups in the blood vessels for 5 years with the help of CT scans.

This scientific study has shown that individuals who consumed one cup of tea a day has about 30% less chances of experiencing major heart problem while the study lasted compared to people who didn’t consume tea. Tea enthusiasts (individuals who have one to three cups of this beverage a day) also had less calcium deposits in the blood vessels.

The scientists can’t confirm whether drinking more tea (more than 3 cups) would improve heart health even more. Dr. Miller claims that there were only a small number of people who were part of this study who consumed more than four cups of this beverage on a daily basis.

All participants drank green or black tea. However, the results were not categorized by the type of tea they drank.

Dr. Miller can’t explain why exactly tea is helpful. But, the study relies on some previous findings that suggest that plant chemicals, that are part of every tea, known as flavonoids, have positive effects on our heart.

He also said that it is still too early to say that tea can definitely improve heart health. However, according to Dr. Miller, there is sufficient evidence to claim that tea has strong protective properties and that tea drinkers are usually healthy.

Dr. Lona Sandon, a famous dietitian and professor of clinical nutrition (University of Texas) who reviewed the findings of this study says that other studies were mainly focused on the antioxidant effects of this hot beverage and this is what makes this latest study so interesting.

There is no doubt that this research will make many tea enthusiasts happy and satisfied. We should also mention that some of the participants drank iced tea so you don’t have to use it hot to feel the benefits. In addition, this a low-calorie drink, but only if you avoid sugar and sweeteners.

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