A Genius Trick to Keep the Ticks Away From You

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(HealthAndLovePage) It is really great to sit down and have a tasty meal or to relax by the campfire after a long day spend in the beautiful nature, but what is not great is to notice a tick climbing your neck trying to find a good spot.

The good news is that there is a way to avoid this situation once and for all after you master one simple technique. As a matter of fact, this process is so simple that you may ask yourself why did you miss it in the past.

How To Keep the Ticks Away From You

There are two things that you will need for this trick – a good lint roller (choose one with adhesive layers) and just a couple of minutes. Remember to get the roller together with your hiking equipment or whenever you have to work in some place where ticks usually dwell and roll it over your clothing every once in a while.

You will be amazed from the number of ticks you will pick up with you even after taking a short walk in nature.

In case you want to improve the effects of this technique and to reduce the chances of getting bitten by a tick, use some peppermint essential oil. You can use this oil on your clothing and apply it on your skin too. If your skin is very sensitive simply use some jojoba oil or almond oil to dilute the strong peppermint oil.

Keep in mind that you will notice a tingling sensation for a brief moment, but this is completely normal. The specific scent of peppermint will keep the ticks, black flies and mosquitoes away, but when the weather is not in favor of using only this remedy you can use a lint roller in addition.

Some people practice the same thing with duct tape placed around hands (with the sticky side placed out), but using a lint roller is definitely a more simple and convenient solution. This is surely a great trick that can help you have more pleasant time outside. Ticks and other insects that live outside can be very dangerous.

Via Real Farmacy

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