All Americans Will Receive a Microchip Implant In 2017

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Recently, NBC predicted that all of U.S. will be tagged with microchips in 2017. The purpose of the RFID microchips will be to help identify individuals in a matter of seconds.

As NBC explains, they will reveal if you really are who you say you are. A lot of people however think that this technology will give too much power to the government, as they will be able to track every move.Virginia is one of the states where a legislation is in process to prevent this from happening. NBC also reports about a developed RFID Brain Chip which is now being tested on few individuals.  The microchips use was reported to be included on page 1014 in the H.R. 4872 Read Class II Special Controls Guidance Document under “National Medical Device Registry” where it mentions about a “Class II Device That is Implantable”, and if you wonder if they have passed the bill, the answer is yes.

Having an RFID Microchip implanted in people will not only control their movement, but also their food and money, and as some believe it could even kill those who don’t obey.

The bill HR 3962 is actually the same as HR 3200 bill, except for several words removed regarding the RFID Microchip, however the bill still includes the possibility to Chip Every American.

You can see this by yourself in Class II Special Controls Guidance Document, pages 1501 through 1510.

Via Snopes

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