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Amazing Weight Loss Diet from Cardiologists – Lose 10 Pounds in Just 5 Days!

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The following simple, yet efficient diet plan is suggested by a reputable cardiologist who has saved the lives of hundreds of people. He has realized that what we eat is one of the main factors that determine the state of our cardiovascular health.

So, in this article we will reveal a diet plan that lasts for 15 days, but the breakfast remains the same for every day. The breakfast is actually quite simple, you need to consume one fruit like melon, watermelon, pear, peach or orange. Don’t consume grapes or bananas for breakfast.

Day one

LunchOne cup (200 ml) of plain yogurtOne boiled eggOne medium-sized orange..DinnerTwo hardboiled eggsTwo dl of cooked tomatoes or two raw tomatoesTwo pieces of ruskOne small piece of fresh lettuce or half a cucumber.

Day Two

LunchOne cup (200 ml) of plain yogurtOne boiled yogurtOne medium-sized orange.DinnerOne raw tomato125 grams of boiled beefOne medium-sized orangeOne ruskOne cup of unsweetened tea or coffee.

Day Three

LunchOne medium-sized orangeOne egg (boiled)One lettuce or cucumberOne cup of plain yogurt.DinnerOne medium-sized orange125 grams of beef (boiled)One cup of unsweetened coffee or teaOne rusk.

Day Four

LunchOne tomato125 grams of low-fat, cow milk cheeseOne rusk.DinnerTwo raw tomatoes125 grams of boiled beefOne ruskOne medium-sized apple.

Day Five

LunchOne raw and fresh tomato200 grams of fish or meat (boiled)One rusk.DinnerHalf a kilo of boiled potato, peas or carrot.

Don’t’ forget that you must cook the meat or veggies without any or just a small amount of salt. In addition, you must take a small break on the sixth and seventh day and keep on with the diet on the eighth day.

In addition, it is crucial to avoid any kind of alcohol while following this diet. If you stick to the instructions you’ll lose between five and ten pounds in just five days. As we said before, after the fifth day you must take a small break and perform the same diet three times. In other words, 3×5 days and a two-day break. By following this plan you won’t experience any negative effects and you will be able to lose as much as 30 pounds.

Additionally, if you continue following the same diet and just skip it on Mondays, you will be able to stabilize your weight. This is what you must eat on Mondays in case you want to continue following this diet plan:

One cup of unsweetened, raw lemon juice for breakfastOne apple and one rush for lunchOne raw tomato, one boiled egg and one rusk for dinner.

Feel free to eat any of these foods while they are cold or hot, this doesn’t make them more or less useful. However, you must eat them at the same period of the day and you should not skip any of these meals. In case you skip some of the meals, or you eat them in a different order or you make some modifications, you can’t expect the results we’ve mentioned before. We really hope that this simple diet plan will help you lose weight and improve your health. Feel free to share it with your family and friends.

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