Apply Onion Coatings onto Your Feet if You Want To Be Healthy

Apply Onion Coatings onto Your Feet if You Want To Be Healthy
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Are you interested in cleaning your blood and body, boosting circulation, getting rid of the symptoms of influenza or improving your overall health? In case the answer to this question is yes, then you should definitely apply some onion coatings directly on your feet. People from all over the world have used this remedy centuries ago.

There are many people who say that all the ailments (and the good things) come from our legs. With the help of this simple recipe, you will be able to bring health from the feet. There are three things you’ll need for this remedy – transparent foil, onion and a pair of warm socks.
In case you want to clean the body, boost blood circulation and bring some antibacterial substances in your system without taking medicines, simply create thin circles by cutting the onions and leave them like that until the juice becomes visible. After that, put the onion on your feet and use the transparent foil to wrap the feet. Finally, put a pair of warm thick socks. The best idea is to use wool socks. It is obvious that the transparent foil is here to keep the onion in place and on top of that your home won’t smell. In the past, people didn’t use transparent foil (because they didn’t have such foil).

They have used a pair of wool socks over the onion. In case your skin is sensitive and onions create reaction in your feet, you can use almond or oily cream to mash them. No matter which option you choose, you must use this technique before bedtime in order to allow the onion coating to work.

The main compounds found in onions will go through the skin directly into the bloodstream and start cleansing the blood. As already mentioned, these compounds have strong antibacterial properties, will boost circulation and eliminate all the harmful substances from the system.
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According to some people, it is the best idea to use organic hot onions (find the hottest onions). Once you are awake, get rid of the onions, use cold water to clean your feet and after that put another pair of wool socks to warm your feet. The blood circulation will increase and it will enter all the blood veins. People dealing with diabetes and poor circulation will find this remedy especially helpful.

Even though in most cases people who are dealing with certain health issues are the ones that usually use this technique, it is highly recommended to use it even if you are healthy. Practice this method when you are suffering from flu, cold, lung or throat inflammation or fever. The positive effects will be felt in less than 24 hours. If you use this remedy to eliminate flue and colds, keep wrapping your feet until you remove all the symptoms. In case you use it to cleanse the blood and body, use this remedy every once in a while.

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