Are You Still Eating These Foods Which Cause Cancer?

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Most of the diseases are the result of the food we consume. Acid food can lead to different diseases, sickness, aging, and even cancer. In contrast, alkaline foods can improve overall health, prevent, and combat cancer. However, you should pay attention to the foods which cause cancer!

Most of the doctors do not reveal the foods which cause cancer or how to remove it naturally. The food we eat today contains both alkalizing and acid-forming elements. Most of the people in western culture practice a diet rich in acid-forming elements that can significantly lead to cancer.

The American diet is mostly acidic, so it is of crucial importance to balance the body’s pH level in case you are fighting cancer. This is because cancer can grow in an acidic environment while an alkaline one can prevent and remove it.

Due to the typical western diet which is high in acid-forming elements, most people suffer from cancer. The fruits and vegetables we used to consume were much better than nowadays, so it is high time we make some significant dietary changes.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 and 7 is considered neutral. Everything below 7 is acidic while everything above 7 is alkaline.

It is important to research which foods are acidic or alkaline and to test your alkaline level more often. This can enable the early prevention of any type of cancer.

Foods Which Cause Cancer

What significantly changed our diet was the rapid increase in fast food and processed food industry. Such food is high in acidic nature and can cause many health problems, and cancer is just one of them. For example, most of the food we consume is made from refined oils and flour.

Some acid-forming foods include cheese, pasta, butter, ice cream, jellies, jams, soft drinks, and alcohol. However, this does not mean that all of these foods are definitely bad, but if you suffer from some serious disease, you should choose carefully what you consume.

Some of the alkaline foods include freshly grown vegetables and fruits as well as nuts, grains, seeds, and legumes.

Although there are many other contributing factors to cancer, food is the most influential reason that is directly related to it. However, it has significantly changed over the last 40 to 70 years.

The supermarkets abound with processed food which is very low in nutritional value. This clearly explains the question of why there is so much cancer nowadays.

In case if you are dealing with cancer, it is of crucial importance to make some changes to your diet, focus more on alkaline food and avoid foods that cause cancer. Also, pay attention to whether the food is fresh and organic.

There are two types of Acid and Alkaline foods:

Acid or alkaline foods, which means how much acid or alkaline is there in the food.Acid or alkaline-forming foods, which implies the pH condition that the food creates in the body after it is consumed.

How Some Foods Can Lead to Cancer

Unfortunately, an acid environment hinders nerve action while an alkaline one stimulates their action. For instance, cold showers lead to alkaline blood while hot ones lead to acid blood.

Balanced diets regulate the pH in the blood. Nevertheless, the results will need a couple of days before they occur. If a more acidic environment develops in the blood, the body itself deposits this acid to some other parts of the body. In this way, the body will be able to function in an alkaline environment.

With time, these areas will turn into high acidic ones, and some of their cells will die. Further on, these dead cells will turn into acids.

Unfortunately, some of the cells won’t die, but they will survive and become abnormal. The abnormal cells can also be called malignant cells. They do not correspond to our DNA memory code nor with our brain function. Instead, they grow rapidly and without any order.

Stages of Cancer

By the time, these cells turn into cancer that can develop in these stages:

1. Consumption of different acid-forming foods such as refined foods, fatty foods, nitrates, chemically treated products, and aspartame. Also, other contributors are airport and X-ray scanners.

2. Increased constipation.

3. Increased acidity in the blood can lead to an increased number of white cells and a decreased number of red cells. This can be considered as an onset of leukemia.

4. Increased acidity in the extracellular fluids.

5. Increased acidity in the intracellular fluids.

6. An onset of malignant cells or a phase known as “initiation.”

7. Further ingestion of different acid foods. This phase is known as “cancer promotion, ” and it is traditionally treated with high levels of chemicals, radiation, and drugs.

Source Cancer Council
Image Source Little Things

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