Australia Has Just Legalized Medical Marijuana across the Entire Continent

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The Australian Parliament took a vote on Wednesday to legalize marijuana, and with that, it become the first entire continent to legalize this controversial herb.

This continent with a population of 23 million has decided to follow several states in America in the decriminalization of marijuana.

The changes were made to the Narcotic Drugs Act, meaning the government gave go-ahead for legal cannabis farms and the distribution of cannabis products.


The Minister of Health, Sussan Ley, reported that this is a huge day for the country and the many advocates who have fought hard and long to beat the stigma of medicinal cannabis.

This changed the general notion that patients who use medicinal cannabis products are criminals.

As she explains, this will fill out the missing piece in the treatment journey of patients, and they will now see continuous access to medicinal cannabis products produced locally, from farm to pharmacy.

Although more details are needed, it is believed that patients with medical marijuana prescriptions will have permission to begin growing their crops within the next few months.

This is a huge step for the supporters of marijuana legalization throughout the world.

We hope other continents like Europe and North America will soon do the same.


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