Baking Soda May Reduce Premature Death Risk

Baking Soda May Reduce Premature Death Risk
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A study published in the CJASN says that balanced levels of bicarbonate, or baking soda, can help us live longer.

These results are gotten from data collected on 2,287 humans, in the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study. This study started in 1997 and included humans 70-79 years old who were followed in a span of ten years. In 2014, February, they gathered data on survival.


The associate professor of nephrology and hypertension at Utah University, Dr. Raphael, and his team researched how does carbon dioxide, pH, and bicarbonate affect human lifespan.

Patients who are seriously sick and have serious abnormalities in acids in their bodies, do not have high chances of getting out alive, as was explained in a Utah University press release.  However, it is not clear if some specific changes in the acid-base status of the body can have an impact on the life length of elderly and healthy people.

According to Dr. Raphael and his team, there is a 24 percent higher risk of early death if the organism does not sufficient levels of bicarbonate. So, consuming sodium bicarbonate can help in balancing the pH levels in the body and it may even increase the length of human life.

Furthermore, Dr. Raphael explains that in general, the elderly with good health, but low amounts of bicarbonate had an increased risk of passing. He continues by saying that the results were not changed even after adding the pH measurement to the equation. That is important since it is unusual to measure pH.

Examining the levels of bicarbonate in patients’ blood may be of help to doctors determining if patients have risks of early death. By knowing this, doctors can suggest a diet to patients with low levels of bicarbonate. Dietary changes may significantly improve patients’ health.

How can I help myself?

Many may ask how can they consume more bicarbonate. As a matter of fact, you cannot do much with the baking soda pack you keep in your kitchen. The solution to balanced pH levels in your body lies in consuming more veggies and fruits.

Veggies and fruits that contain high amounts of bicarbonate and potassium do not contain high levels of PRAL or potential renal acid load. PRAL is the acid that kidneys produce. The study explains that the lower the PRAL, the higher amounts of bicarbonate and potassium fruits and veggies will produce. This means that eating fruits and veggies will probably help you live a longer life.

Foods that contain high amounts of bicarbonate and potassium are bananas, apples, lemons, raisins, carrots, spinach, broccoli, and coffee.

Eat your daily dose of veggies and fruits to have a well-balanced pH amount in your body.

—Stephen Seifert,

Note from Health & Love Page

How does baking soda impact physical performance? According to studies, consuming baking soda and water one hour or one and a half hours before a workout may improve your physical performance.

In the studies, people consumed 90-135 mg per pound of body weight. That is about two or three tsp for most humans. Nonetheless, it was revealed that some people may experience stomach issues. So, you can try consuming smaller doses. For example, take one teaspoon of baking soda mixed in water two hours before your workout, and one more teaspoon, an hour before your workout.

To do more reps during your exercise, you should try consuming baking soda because it is believed that it reduces the impact of lactic acid on muscles.

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