Best Core Exercises for Lower Back Pain Caused by Sitting

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If you are like most people living and working in a techno-service environment, you probably spend a great deal of your day sitting. It is a well-known fact that too many hours spent on the chair are terrible for your health and can cause lower back pain.

How Can Sitting Cause Lower Back Pain?

With years, long hours of sitting can prevent you from playing sports, running, and doing exercises.

Fortunately, there are some simple exercises that will help you undo the damage of sitting. They will make you feel looser, regain your motion, and prevent pain in the lower back and knees.

5 Exercises to Prevent Lower Back Pain Caused by Sitting

1. Leg Swings

For this exercise, it is important to hold something in order to stay balanced. Then swing your leg forth and back as high as you can. First, perform 20 front-to-back swings and then 20 side-to-side swings with each leg.

2. Grok Squat

Bring your body to a squatting position with the back in a straight position. Just imagine you are a baseball catcher. Feel the stretch in your back, legs, and groin.

3. Couch Stretch

Bring one of your legs on the couch so that the knee touches the back while the other one is on the floor. Bend your butt and abs, lift your torso and stand tall. Stay like this for 5 minutes and then switch legs.

For a harder variety, bring the foot on the floor to the couch and lift your torso to a neutral position. You will find it slightly difficult but it will definitely replace hours of sitting.

4. Fire Hydrants

This exercise is called fire hydrant because the person performing it looks like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.

For this exercise, place your hands and knees on the floor, lift your leg to the side. Bent it slowly and keep it as high as you can. Then lower the leg down. This includes one repetition.

Along with these exercises, walking around every half hour is the best solution for this condition. So, if you spend a good deal of your time sitting, practice these exercises several times a week.

5. Glute Bridge

Lie on the floor and bending your knees and feet. Slowly lift your hips and butt but make sure your keep your body is in a straight position. Slowly lower your body to the floor. This is one repetition. Do three sets, 10 repetitions each.

If you find this exercise too easy, place some weight on your thighs during the performance of this exercise.

This is an excellent stretch for your glutes, hips, and of course abs.

Source David Wolfe | Web MD | HealthlineImage Source David Wolfe | Web MD

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