Blend These 3-Ingredient Shots for Accelerated Weight Loss, Faster Metabolism & Bowel Movements

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The vast majority of people have experienced the feeling in the morning when they wake up very early and they just wanted to get back to bed and continue sleeping. That’s why many of us want to Juice for health or other caffeine-based drink (tea) in order to feel re-energized.

Even those beverages are used regularly around the globe as the best way to wake up, the truth is that there are many healthier and more effective beverages.

Digestion Enhancer Shot

If you want to have a good amount of energy during the day, then your body must be capable of processing the nutrients it gets through the food.

If you experience issues with the digestive system, you will most likely feel out of energy. This is only one of the many health issues that come as a result of indigestion.

Ingredients:Half an ounce of apple cider vinegar;Half an ounce of raw lemon juice;A small amount of ground ginger.

With the help of this healthy shot, you will maintain proper digestive functions throughout the day. In case the taste of this drink is too intense for you, use a small amount of water in it.

Metabolism Enhancer Shot

Keeping your metabolism healthy is a must for all those who want to use the highest amount of energy every day.

Even though the digestive system is crucial for processing the nutrients that are most important for our energy levels, metabolism is here to turn the nutrients into energy that we can use all day long.

Ingredients:Half an ounce of freshly squeezed lemon juice;Half an ounce of apple cider vinegar;A small amount of cayenne pepper (relies on thermogenesis to boost the metabolism).

You are probably aware of the many health benefits that apple cider vinegar and lemon juice bring and the addition of cayenne pepper is here to improve the metabolism and protect us from weight gain.

Tasty Green Smoothie Shot

If you want to keep the energy levels high all day long then you must include more proteins in your diet. With the help of this smoothie shot, you’ll get ten grams of protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, and a large amount of potassium.

Ingredients:Two cups of spinach;One slice of ginger;A quarter a cup of organic blueberries;Stevia for taste (optional).

If you want to create these shots, take all the ingredients, and mix them well in a blender. Pour a small amount of water in case you want to increase the liquidity of this shot. Feel free to make larger amounts of this drink and keep in the refrigerator.

The drinks and food we take in the morning must have excellent quality because most people don’t have another major meal for hours after that. Thanks to these healthy natural shots, you can rest assured that your body has all the necessary nutrients to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

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