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Burn a Bay Leaf in Your House. The Reason? You’ll Be Amazed!

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The moment you try this, it’ll become one of your favorite things to do!

You probably use various herbs to savor your dishes, without thinking that these ingredients might have other uses outside the kitchen. Such are the bay leaves. Did you know that these leaves have incredible soothing effect on our body?These leaves have been used in the natural medicine for centuries. They possess incredible medicinal properties, like strong soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which were well known and used by the ancient Greeks. Another thing about bay leaves is that they were considered to support the epilepsy treatment.

Their incredible health benefits are recognized even by the modern natural medicine practitioners. Some of them include protection against stress and insomnia, reduction of high blood pressure, and control over the levels of blood cholesterol.

To enjoy these benefits, you can either add bay leaves to your meals while cooking, or light them in a heat resistant bowl so that the aroma spreads in all of your rooms. If you go with the second option, you will see that burning these leaves will improve your mood, calm your mind, and relax your muscles.

But, did you know that bay leaves are also excellent in repelling cockroaches and other insects?

If cockroaches or other insects have invaded your garden or kitchen, just use some bay leaves, and their strong aroma will surely repel every last one of the insects. Plus, bay leaves are perfectly safe to use near kids and pets, so you won’t find a better solution for handling with the annoying insects.

For this purpose, place several bay leaves in each corner of your garden or house. You can as well use them in the kitchen near food as they are non-toxic. You can use both, fresh and dry bay leaves, although we recommend using dry ones as they have stronger aroma.

Via Healthiest Alternative

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