Cancer Cells Decompose After Several Weeks, With the Use of This Herb

Cancer Cells Decompose After Several Weeks, With the Use of This Herb
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A recent scientific study conducted by a group of experts from the University of Windsor in Canada (The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) has provided some really interesting results. These results are especially interesting for people suffering from cancer.
The scientific study has confirmed that dandelion root has the ability to initiate the cancer cells decompose, without causing any problems to healthy cells.

The group of scientists has concluded that dandelion root provides much better results compared to chemotherapy because it completely eliminates cancerous cells and doesn’t affect healthy cells in any way (something that chemo can’t achieve). In addition, this well-known herb comes with few other benefits to our health.

For instance, dandelion root is a strong diuretic that has the ability to support the secretion of bile, stabilizes cholesterol, detoxifies the liver, and soothes allergies.

Furthermore, dandelion is packed with many powerful minerals and vitamins like calcium, iron, magnesium, riboflavin, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid, and thiamine. It was also confirmed that dandelion comes with about 500% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C and more than 100% of RDD of vitamin A.

A 72-year-old man named John Di Carlo was certain that dandelion has powerful healing properties. In the past, he was exposed to very strong and intense chemotherapy in order to eliminate cancer. This situation lasted for three years, but it didn’t show any positive results.

Finally, he gave up and decided to spend the rest of his life without therapies at his home. Once he decided this, he started drinking dandelion root tea because he heard that this tea has anti-cancer effects. He had nothing to lose and started drinking it on a daily basis.

Natural News reports that John Di Carlo was able to survive. This story tells us that using dandelion root is definitely worth a shot.
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