Cancer Patients Have too Acidic pH Levels. Learn How to Check Yours

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In order to have a healthy body, you need to have a body that is slightly alkaline.

The cells along with their chemical reactions, the immune system, and the beneficial bacteria in the gut,  all of these things in order to work fine need to be in an alkaline environment, i.e. to be slightly alkaline.

If you have an acid body that means that your system does not function as it should.

When the pH levels of your body become too acidic (a condition called acidosis) you can be susceptible to different diseases like:

Slow Elimination and DigestionInability to Lose WeightSlow Metabolism and ObesityFungal/Yeast OvergrowthChronic InflammationMood SwingsHigh Blood PressureChronic Fatigue and Low EnergyWeight Gain and DiabetesJoint pain, Aching muscles, and Lactic Acid Build UpWeakened ImmunityBladder and Kidney Condition, such as Kidney StonesPremature AgingOsteoporosis, Brittle or weak bones, Bone spurs, and fractures

Toxic chemicals, medications, and drugs have the effect of reducing the pH of the body. That is actually the reason why when it comes to drugs they have side effects, and none effect can be cured.

How does it work? When the pH levels in the body are below 6.4 what happens is that the enzymes deactivate and the digestion does not function properly.

That causes the food supplements, minerals and vitamins to not assimilate the way they should.

The acid lowers the production of energy in the cells, the ability to detox heavy metals, capacity to repair cells that are damaged and makes the body more susceptible to illness and fatigue.

According to one research, disease cannot make it in an alkaline state, and on the other hand, the cancers cells, candida, viruses, fungus, bacteria, mold, and yeast thrive in an environment that is acidic, low in pH and oxygen.

An acidic pH can occur from toxic overload, acid forming diet, emotional stress, immune reaction and processes that deprive the cells of nutrients and oxygen.

The body will try to make compensation for acid by utilizing the reserves of alkaline mineral such as calcium from the bones and sodium from the stomach. This is the leading cause of osteoporosis and other diseases.

In case of deficiency of minerals in your diet to make a compensation, what will occur is acid build-up in the cells and that will lead to symptoms like MS, pain, lupus, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

The healthy pH environment that is full of oxygen is not where the cancer is compatible. To be more clear, there is no such thing as cancer of the heart.

Why? Because the blood flow is from the lungs into the heart. And they are at the highest levels of pH and oxygen in the entire body.

The blood goes through the lungs, and that is when the acidic toxins are eliminated from the system, and that is why the system is rich in high blood pH and oxygen.

In case there is an absence of oxygen, what happens is that the glucose undertakes fermentation to lactic acid. This makes the cell’s pH to drop even lower. The saliva and urine pH of terminal cancer patients runs between 4.0 and 5.5.

And when the cancer is into metastases that lead the pH to drop lower. According to Keiichi Morishita, in 1964, there was only one person in 214 contracted cancer. Today that number is one in 3 females, and 1 in 2 males.

The determining factor for the disease and health is the pH. It is common for the average Americans to test between four pH and five pH.

Test Your pH Balance

You can check your pH balance at your home, and it is easy and fast. You will need pH test strips.

You can make the test during the day. However, bear in mind not to do the test at the same time every morning. Because the body is more acidic the earlier is measured.

The goal would be the have a morning urine pH that will be between 6.5 and 7.5. When it comes to saliva, it should be similar to the one of your urine.

Remember to wait 2 hours after eating and then measure the pH of your saliva. You need to fill the mouth with saliva and swallow.

You can repeat this again to make sure that you have a clean spit. Then you can put saliva on the pH strip.

It is ok if you are not ready to overhaul your usual diet. You should at least have a 70-30 ratio of alkaline to acid foods.

Not only the food you consume, but also the stress might affect the pH levels. In order to prevent that, you need to practice deep breathing.

report this adRemember to drink water and eat veggies in order to lighten the acidic load.

Source Love This Pic | Health Nut News

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