Cannabis Suppositories Actually Exist and They’ll Cure Your Menstrual Pain and Cramps

Cannabis Suppositories Actually Exist and They’ll Cure Your Menstrual Pain and Cramps
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The medicinal cannabis industry has come up with a completely unique solution that has the ability to provide simple, effective, and completely natural treatment of menstrual pain and cramps in women. (Check the video at the end of this article)

This incredible innovation was introduced less than a week ago and it’s called Foria Relief. It comes in the form of tiny capsules that are supposed to be put in the vaginal area in order to ease the pain and cramps.

According to the manufacturer, many cultures around the globe have used cannabis to soothe the pain and different symptoms related to menstruation. They also point out that the basic goal of their product is to get the best from this amazing plant by using extraction methods that will extract only the useful ingredients found in it and make it perfectly safe for use by any woman.

Sophie Saint Thomas, a prominent pot writer, and supporter highlights the fact that Foria Relief is one of the cannabis suppositories created for soothing and eliminating menstrual cramps. It comes with three basic ingredients – CBD isolates, THC oil, and raw cocoa butter.

She also claims that the balance between CBD and THC this product was created in order to trigger specific cannabinoid receptors located in the pelvis when the product enters the body.
So, Foria Relief is the latest solution provided by Foria, a company focused on marijuana-based products. They have already created a few other marijuana products including a personal lubricant that uses marijuana as a stimulator known as Foriapleasure.

Even though their new and old products can be bought only in California and Colorado where marijuana is legal, there are many women from other states and countries who are ready to travel there in order to try this revolutionary product.

Potential users are saying that they are happy to hear that someone has created a natural solution for the challenging and frustrating PMS period. On top of that, this product may also help more than five million women dealing with endometriosis which is a well-known chronic health issue that cannot be cured.

They also believe that if the product really provides relief in cases of menstrual pain and cramps, it may also be useful for women giving childbirth.

If you are a little bit scared or you feel uncomfortable because you need to put a pill in your body, you should know that the team from Foria has used cannabis that is completely organic and tested for the presence of microbes and toxins. Foria Relief is 100% natural.

Via First Coast News

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