Chinese Restaurants Found Lacing The Food with Morphine to Get Customers Addicted

Chinese Restaurants Found Lacing The Food with Morphine to Get Customers Addicted
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The authorities in China have found out that more than 30 restaurants in different places in China used opiates like codeine and morphine to “spice up” their dishes. The investigation is still not finished and the authorities are trying to find out how and why they have decided to do such a thing.

Hot pot, noodles, and lobsters are some of the foods that have been enhanced with opiates, local media have reported a few days ago.

In addition, five of these restaurants are already facing criminal charges. Wei Tao, a senior official at the Food Institute in one of the biggest provinces in China – Guizhou, says that taking hot pots, soups, and noodles that are prepared together with opium for an extended period of time can lead to addiction. In the worst-case scenario, people will start abusing different types of drugs.

This is not something new in China. A few years ago, an owner of a restaurant in China was sent year in a half in prison for using poppy powder in their meals. It is very difficult to notice this powder when it’s added together with hot chili oil or regular Chinese table salt. It is worth mentioning that taking even a small amount of this opiate can accumulate in the body over some period of time and lead to different health issues.

Truth be told, China has never been viewed as a country with good food regulations, laws, and standards, but this latest news is definitely insane.

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