Clean These Common Household Items to Prevent Many Diseases and Illnesses

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Everyone wants to have a clean, perfect home! But due to our responsibilities during the day, our work, kids, chores, and our tight schedule that is not always the case.

Cleaning is the last thing that comes to your mind after a long day.

There are few specific items that you need to know that need to be cleaned more often than usual. Clean these following items and stay away from diseases.

1. Refrigerators

Not the most common thing you clean right? It sounds like a task that needs a lot of time, but that is due to the fact that is not done often. Once in a week, throw things from your fridge that you do not need anymore.

If you do not want to throw food away, consider using transparent containers. At least two times a month, empty the fridge and wash the shelves, and have a fridge that smells good.

2. Microwaves

With our busy lives and being perceived as the fastest way to the food we often use our microwaves. We may use them on a daily basis, but for sure we do not clean them as often as we use them.

But, cleaning the microwave is actually very simple. In a bowl put lemon juice and water and microwave that around ten minutes. After that, make sure to wipe the microwave inside. It will look clean and will smell good.

3. Kitchen Sinks

Of course that there are bacteria in our sink due to the fact that we keep our dirty dishes there. Make sure to wash the dishes and scrub your sink every night.

If you do not want to use the disinfecting spray, you can always go the natural way. Use lemon and baking soda, and you can have the same effect.

4. Kitchen Sponges

The kitchen is the area where we prepare the food. That is why you should pay special attention during your cleaning ritual. We use kitchen sponges to wipe the surfaces where the food is usually prepared. After every use, you need to wash your sponges correctly.

Because if you do not wash them, they can start to smell. To properly clean your sponge you can microwave it for 2 minutes, or you can also soak your sponges in a mixture of water and bleach.

5. Phone

Yes, your phone is also something that you need to clean. You touch it all day, and you also press it to your face.

If you have pimples on the side of your face, bear in mind that the cause of that might be believe it or not, but your phone. Make sure to use sanitizer to wipe your phone and do that on a daily basis.

6. Remote

Everyone touches the remote, and yet no one cleans it. Cleaning your remote is a must. The remote might conceal many germs, and because everybody holds it, they can be passed to your partner, kids, and everyone else in your family.

Use a sanitizing wipe to clean your remote, do this every day and stay safe. It does not need much effort, you can do it while you watch TV.

7. Bath Towels

Yes, bath towels are on this list. How often do you change them? Bacteria prefer a moist environment and that makes bath towels perfect for them.

If you leave your towels in the bathroom after you take a bath, or wash, or take a shower, then bear in mind to change them as often as you can. When you leave the towel in the bathroom, it cannot fully dry. So, change your towel every other day.

8. Handbag

Handbags are like the Bermuda triangle; everything might get lost there. With most women, if they open their bags you can find bills there, coins, makeup, and even clothes. But do we have the habit to clean our handbag? How often should we clean our handbag?

Make sure to clean your bag once a week, and that will also help you to organize. Throw away all the things that somehow ended up in your bag.

Source Medicine Net | Huffington Post

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