Clean Your Arteries with These 3 ingredients

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In case you didn’t know, the arteries are a type of blood vessel that transports oxygen-packed blood from the heart to all body parts. This means that they are crucial for the proper functioning of all bodily systems. In other words, if we want to stay healthy and protect our bodies, we must keep our arteries healthy.

Foods packed with fats, processed and fast food, toxins, and harmful chemicals are some of the things that ruin our cardiovascular system’s health and if they are not eliminated from the body they can lead to the occurrence of many dangerous diseases like a heart attack.

How To Clean Your Arteries

With the help of this amazing natural recipe, you will clean your arteries and get rid of the fat buildups in the blood.

Ingredients:Eight lemonsFour liters of clean waterOne piece of ginger (4 cm)Eight cloves of garlic.Instructions:

Take the lemons, wash them well, and cut them into small pieces. Next, take the ginger and garlic cloves and clean them before putting all the ingredients in a blender. Use the blender to mix them well and put the fine mixture in a clean pot.

After that, add the water and start cooking the mixture. When the mixture starts boiling, take the pot away from the heat. Use clean glass bottles to store the mixture.

Take this natural remedy every day, two hours before each meal on an empty stomach. In addition, it is highly recommended to get involved in exercising, 3 or 4 times a week while the treatment lasts.

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