Combination of 5 Foods That Boost Your Health and Make Your Healthy Diet Even Healthier

Combination of 5 Foods That Boost Your Health and Make Your Healthy Diet Even Healthier
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Before we prepare our next meal or whenever we feel hungry, we usually think about the perfect combinations of food.

The majority of people are imagining potatoes and steak, eggs and bacon or cookies and yogurt/milk. Obviously, these foods are tasty, but many experts dispute their impact on your health.

The good news is that there are foods that boost your health instantly when you combine them. This is something that the popular nutrition coach Alexandra Caspero has figured out a few years ago.

According to Caspero, when we talk about absorbing nutrients, matching specific foods can help us get the most from our healthy meal.

There are a huge number of minerals and vitamins that provide better results when they are used together.

You can get more positive effects from one thing if you eat it together with another one.

Foods That Boost Your Health

If you want to boost your healthy meal, try some of these delicious combinations:

1. Broccoli and Lean Beef

Lack of iron in the body is a very frequent problem among adult Americans and this finding was confirmed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is good to point out that iron deficiency is more common in women and this situation can result in chornic fatigue and blood disorders. Caspero reminds people that vitamin C can improve the body’s ability to absorb iron, so it is crucial to eat food packed with iron like lean beef or lentils in a combination with vitamin C-rich foods like broccoli in order to get the right amount of iron.

2. Blueberries and Apples

In case you didn’t know, fruits are packed with phytochemicals. These efficient antioxidants have the ability to lower the chances of developing cancer and heart disease. If you consume fruits of different kinds together, you can improve their antioxidant properties.

This claim was recently confirmed by a scientific study revealed in the reputable Journal of Nutrition. According to this scientific study, the antioxidant activity has increased several times when participants consumed a few different fruits at once.

So, instead of chewing an apple or eating a bowl of blueberries, make a combination of these compatible, tasty fruits for maximum benefit. In addition, you can mix even more fruits and make a smoothie. There are many healthy smoothie recipes based on fruits on our website.

3. Avocado and Tomatoes

We all know that tomatoes have a very distinctive red color. The reason why they have such color is the presence of lycopene which is actually a form of carotenoid that provides strong antioxidant effects. On top of that, a recent scientific research performed by Mayo Clinic has shown that lycopene can stop the progress of cancer cells.

On the other hand, a team of scientist from the Orgeon State University has shown that healthy fat helps the body’s ability to absorb lycopene. Obviously, you should enrich your guacamole with tomatoes or add avocado in the BLT.

4. Kale and Tuna

According to the National Institutes of Health, vitamin D and calcium are crucial for bone health (strength and density). Alexandra advises people to make a combination of salmon or tuna (packed with vitamin D) and kale which is known for the high concentration of calcium.

5. Bananas and Peanut Butter

If you want to help your muscles and body in general to recover and regenerate and make them stronger once you are done exercising, you’ll need carbs and protein. The simplest way to get these compounds is to make a combination of peanut butter and bananas in the form of a sandwich.

Via Prevention

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